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Student Leadership Program

The CQUni Student Leadership hub offers opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, boost employability, develop a network and enhance the university experience.

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CQUni offers two leadership certificates to develop your skills and enhance your student and learning experience.

  1. Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM)
  2. Certificate of Leadership

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Social Change Model of Leadership Development

The Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM) was developed by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) and the University of California.

The SCM is about working collaboratively to develop leadership skills in our students. The model has two primary goals:

1. Providing students with an opportunity to expand their learning and development through:

  • Self-knowledge - understanding and building on the student's strengths, values and interests (specifically in relation to leadership and individual "employability" skills; and
  • Leadership Competence - developing the skills to work collaboratively, solve problems, and work together effectively and creatively.

2. To enable the implementation of these skills through active participation in community-focused projects, with the aim of facilitating positive change in the community.

Whilst this program is still in the developmental stage, our aim is to incorporate experiential learning and reflection through all levels of the program. This will ensure that upon completion of the program, not only will you have learnt new skills, but you will also have been able to actively demonstrate these skills - perfect for improving your future employability as well as having a positive impact on your community!


Regardless of how you prefer to learn, this program will enable you to “dip-in” to engaging and exciting content when you need it. Recognised certification is optional, meaning there’s no pressure to complete the full program, but we know you’ll want to know more about the qualification on offer!

Upon completion of all modules in the program, students can submit reflective journals/ blogs and apply to “graduate”, whereby they would be awarded a certificate recognising their participation in the program.

Designed to complement your academic studies, the program will ensure you are career-ready, and have the skills and capabilities to graduate as a self-aware, high performing employee. Student Leaders also graduate as a socially responsible community member, with the capacity and enthusiasm to address complex issues of the future.

“I loved both the layout and the content of this course. I liked how both the videos and the writing catered for more than one learning style - what a thoughtful idea! The TED talks were fantastic, as were the other videos which really emphasised the course content. Well Done! I would recommend this course to anyone interested in building upon their leadership skills.”

Our program is available to all enrolled students of CQUniversity, regardless of location, study mode, or course being undertaken. For more information, please contact us at

Enrolled students can start their journey today by accessing the Leadership Hub.

Student Leadership opportunities are supported by funds from the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). All SSAF funds are used to enhance or extend student services and facilities in accordance with funding guidelines. Find out more about SSAF funding allocation.