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SRC Fast Five

Introducing the SRC FAST FIVE...

If you thought Paul Walker and Vin Diesel made a great Fast 5, then clearly you haven’t heard about the newest initiative from the CQUniversity Student Representative Council.

While the idea of stealing muscle cars and hooning around exotic locations was tabled and discussed, it was voted down due to Birdy McBirdface still being on red P’s, and the hottest car we could find in the car park was the Vice-Chancellor’s 1984 Volvo.

So, we instead decided to bring you a new monthly student newsletter!

The SRC’s Fast Five will both introduce you directly to the dynamic members of the SRC and bring you exciting, relevant information regarding the happenings of CQUni students, such as:

  • The return of the Chancellor’s Cup (probably not as exciting as the Return of the Jedi) but still pretty good.
  • Clubs and Societies - these will feature heavily, as tertiary study isn’t all about exams, textbooks and lectures. It’s also about the contacts and (pub crawl) memories you make while living exams, textbooks and lectures!
  • Unique stories of the students that make up this great University. For example, did you know we once had Tim Minchin on the SRC?

Fast Five stories may be published on the SRC Student Portal page, CQUni Life blogs, Ucroo and the SRC Facebook group (coming soon), so the coverage is enormous! Remember, the SRC is the student body that advocates for you - the students! And without students, CQUni would be a bunch of really smart people with nothing to do, which is a worse recipe for disaster than another season of Married at First Sight!

Each region of Australia is represented by a Council Member, and they can be contacted by using the respective details found on the SRC Student Portal page.

The SRC Fast Five will be emailed to you monthly. Please take the time to read it. If you feel you have a great, earth shattering story that needs to be broadcast to the 35,000 odd students, or you simply want to bring focus to an issue, please send an email through to

CQUni SRC - you asked, we did.

Check out the members page for details on how to contact your SRC representative.