MyCQU - Elections


Nominations to gain a position on the Student Representative Council will be held again in March 2019. In the event that more than the required number of students applies for any given position, this position will then go to an election.


Appointed members:

  • One member of the University Council, or nominee

Nominated members:

  • One member of Alumni, nominated by the Director, Development and Alumni Relations

Elected members:

  • One higher education student from each CQUniversity region
  • One research higher degree student
  • One postgraduate distance education student
  • One undergraduate distance education student
  • One postgraduate international education student
  • One undergraduate international education student
  • Two VET students
  • One Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) student
  • One Tertiary Entry Program (TEP) student
  • One Indigenous student

Co-opted members:

  • Up to two co-opted members

The Student Representative Council can choose to co-opt up to 2 people to provide the Council with any relevant specialist expertise required or to ensure its representation is consistent with its responsibilities.  Co-opting allows the Council to select people with the necessary expertise or knowledge to help it in its duties.  Co-opted members have the same voting rights as all other members.

Rights of Audience and Debate

  • Vice-Chancellor and President, or nominee
  • Provost
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellors

The membership requirements are set out in the Terms of Reference, and members are shown on the Membership Listing.

The Student Representative Council has over 23 members consisting of 21 elected student members, 1 member of the Alumni, 1 member of the University Council.

All members (except for TEP, STEPS and VET Representative Members) will have a term of office of two years, and can serve for no more than two terms of office.

Positions Vacant

Formal calls for nominations to serve on the Student Representative Council for vacant positions have been released through email and student communications during the month of March. Nominations close on the 29th March 2019. If more than one nomination is received for a vacant position, an online election will be held for the position.

Current vacant positions

  • One Postgraduate International Student Representative
  • One undergraduate or postgraduate student from the Central Highlands Region
  • One Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies Student Representative

Nominations should include your student details, the position you are applying for, including a summary of why you should be a Student Representative Council member. This information is to be emailed to For a nomination form contact