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About us

Our Mission

"The Student Representative Council (SRC), acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Land and we wish to pay respect to their Elders, past and present. The Council acknowledges the important role that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to contribute within the CQUniversity community. 

The SRC at CQUniversity has a proactive attitude, a student perspective and a team-based approach. All members of the SRC will be both visible and approachable for CQUniversity students and staff and aim to unite the student body with fairness, respect and constructive progress. Being a contributing voice at CQUniversity, the SRC will listen to and represent the student body with genuine interest and enthusiasm. Through developing professional collegial relationships with members of University executive management, your Council will directly contribute to enhancing your student experience and ultimately assist you with being who you want to be."

Student Association Constitution

The Central Queensland University Student Association is established by and under the Central Queensland University Act 1998 and the Student Association Constitution can be viewed from the University’s Policy Portal


The Terms of Reference set out all the information about the Student Representative Council, including its purpose, functions and responsibilities, membership and reporting obligations.


The Student Representative Council has been established to provide students with an avenue to contribute to the student experience, and provide input and feedback regarding the things that affect students.


Any issues raised within the University Council or with University Management about the provision of student services and amenities can be referred to the SRC for consideration and a response from the SRC.

University management will bring forward each year the identified priorities for the spending of the Student Services and Amenities Fee, and the SRC will have an opportunity to provide comment and feedback on this.  There are legislative obligations around what the Student Services and Amenities Fee can be spent on, and these are detailed in The Higher Education Support Act 2003 and the Student Services, amenities, Representation and Advocacy Guidelines.

Other matters the University could bring to the SRC for consideration and/or feedback include proposed changes to University policies, proposals that relate to the student experience, information on learning technology upgrades, information on building refurbishments, orientation week activities, etc.

Consider Recommendations in regards to provision of student services and amenities made by its members, and if deemed appropriate, forward these recommendations to University management.

The SRC will be responsible for looking at suggestions from the student body, and deciding which suggestions to recommend to University Management.


This is one of the most important aspects of the SRC – the ability for members to seek input from students, and for students to provide feedback and recommendations to the SRC.

The University wants to hear the student voice, so that management can know that we are meeting the needs of our students, and the SRC is one of the key ways for this to occur.

The SRC may also refer any item before it to University Management for discussion, consideration and/or action.

SRC members will be concerned with the improvement of the student experience for all CQUniversity students. Typical responsibilities will include:

  • Representing students and ensuring that they are part of the University's decision-making process.
  • Fostering campus life and a positive student experience for all students, by planning and promoting activities and events.
  • Inspiring students through strong leadership to connect with the University and speak out about student issues.
  • Considering recommendations for student services and amenities made by its members or by student feedback.
  • Working closely with University management, the University Council or other university bodies in relation to the provision of student services and amenities.
  • Referring any item to University management for discussion, consideration and/or action.
  • Consulting with students in relation to the student experience and topical issues.
  • Providing an avenue for students to provide feedback and recommendations regarding the student experience.
  • Considering matters in regards to the student experience. The student experience includes:
    • student amenities and services,
    • CQUniversity’s policies and procedures in regards to student life,
    • student life for students based on campus or studying by distance education, and
    • CQUniversity’s physical, cultural and technological learning environments.

Student Representative Council Introduction for Students

The full "Student Representative Council Terms of Reference" can be found at

Where to find us

Our team comprises of staff, students and alumni. We aim to represent all students from all campuses and distance, so please email us at to talk to our team!

The office is located at Building 36, Rockhampton North Campus, under the Birdcage Bar deck. If you are around, feel free to drop in.

We're available from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.


Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Experience and Governance

Having commenced her career in the Hospitality industry, Joanne worked at several organisations in Mackay, during and upon completion of an Associate Diploma of Business (Hospitality Management) at Central Queensland TAFE (CQ TAFE).

Following a relocation to Rockhampton, Joanne completed further study at CQ TAFE in the business administration field. Joanne then moved into a role at Rockhampton based Swanwick, Murray and Roche Lawyers. After working as a Legal Secretary for several years, Joanne commenced in the Finance Department at CQUniversity in 1996. Since that time, Joanne has worked in a number of areas of the University including Chancellery, Corporate Communications, and the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

For most of her time at CQUniversity, Joanne has supported the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s as an Executive Assistant, Executive Officer or Director.

In 2017, Joanne took on the executive level role of University Secretary, in addition to her other areas of responsibility including the Student Representative Council, Audit & Advisory, Corporate Communications, Student Ombudsman, and the University Art Collection.

Joanne completed a Masters of Tertiary Education Management from University of Melbourne in 2014.