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MyCQU - Current Student Enrolment Information

Current Student Enrolment Information

As a student, understanding your enrolment responsibilities is important. The enrolment process for current international students is different depending on your individual situation.

Enrolling Each Term

Enrolling Each Term

The enrolment process for current international students is different depending on your individual situation.

CQUEnglish Pathway Students

If you were required to complete a CQUEnglish course before commencing your main degree, you will need to attend a “Check-in” session on the day of your CQUEnglish Graduation to finalise your enrolment.





Friday, 18 May

Friday, 18 May 12:00 – 1:30pm (Room 1.12)

Friday, 22 June

Friday 22 June 12:00 – 1:30pm (Room 1.12)


Friday, 18 May

Friday 18 May 11:30 – 12:30pm (Room 2.05)

Friday, 22 June

Friday 22 June 11:30 – 12:30pm (Level 4 North Computer Labs)


Friday, 18 May

Friday, 18 May 12:30 – 1:30pm (Room 5.09)

Friday, 22 June

Friday, 22 June 12:30 – 1:30pm (Room 5.09)


Please visit Campus Reception (Building 65) and ask to meet with the International Student Advisor

Articulating Students

If you received an articulating offer (Graduate Certificate to Graduate Diploma to Masters), you will need to visit Student Services during the enrolment period to complete the “Check-in” process for each stage of your Offer. As part of this process, your Course Adviser will check your progress against your study plan as you must successfully complete each course before progressing to the next stage of your articulating Offer.

Continuing Students

As a continuing international student, you can enrol yourself in your units each term via MyCentre. It is important you follow the study plan you were provided during your first term. Failure to follow your study plan may mean you are unable to complete within the duration of your CoE. If you are unsure what you should enrol into, please speak with a Course Adviser on your campus, or email for assistance. You can speak with a Course Adviser at any stage of your studies; you do not need to wait until enrolment opens.

Term 2, 2018 Key Dates

Enrolment Opens

Monday, 25 June

Classes Commence

Monday, 9 July

Last Day to Enrol

Friday, 20 July– if you require staff assistance, please visit your campus before 5.00 pm.

Census Date

Tuesday, 31 July

Managing Your Enrolment

Managing your Enrolment

Completing On-Time

As an international student you must enrol in each compulsory term and achieve a standard full-time load of 48 credit points in each academic year to successfully complete your course within the duration of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). There are four exceptions to this rule:

» You have been approved by the International Student Support Team to take a reduced load as a result of an intervention strategy

» You have been granted an approved leave of absence due to compassionate or compelling circumstances

»  You enrolled in a non-compulsory term which compensates for the reduced load of study during a compulsory term. In these situations, please ensure you have spoken with a Course Adviser and been given a plan to follow.

» You are in your final term

Extending your Studies

If you have not completed your studies by the end date on your CoE, under the ESOS Act, the National Code 2018 allows the University to issue you with a new CoE in 3 circumstances:

»  Intervention strategy in place and conditions met

»   Approved leave of absence

»   Compassionate or compelling circumstances

If you meet one of these situations and require a new CoE, please submit the CoE Extension Application eForm. The International Student Support Team will assess your application and provide an outcome to your student email address.

Changing Course

If you wish to change your course, you must successfully pass at least one unit in your current course before your application will be assessed. You must also be applying to change into a course that is at the same level as your current course. If you are wanting to downgrade to a lower level course, please contact International Admissions.

To apply for a Change of Course, you will need to submit a new application via the Online International Admissions System. Ensure you select the box indicating this is a Change of Course application. Your application will be assessed in accordance with the entry requirements of your nominated course and if successful, you will be issued with a Letter of Admission that you will need to accept before you can enrol in your new course.

Campus transfer

It may be possible for you to transfer to one of our other campuses depending on which course you are studying. Before submitting a Campus Transfer Application, ensure your course is offered at your nominated campus (check the Student Handbook) and all your fees are paid. Campus Transfers are not guaranteed, therefore it is important to submit your application and receive an outcome before moving to the new city.

Leave of absence

International students studying in Australia on a student visa may be eligible for Leave of Absence in compassionate or compelling circumstances. If you are in this situation, please contact the International Student Support Team immediately to discuss your situation. If a Leave of Absence is recommended, you will need to submit independent supporting documentation with your application. Applications submitted without supporting documentation may not be approved.

Cancelling your enrolment

Before you cancel your enrolment at CQUniversity, you are encouraged to speak with a member of the International Student Support Team to discuss your options. If, after discussing your situation, you wish to proceed with cancelling your course, you will need to submit the Cancellation of Course form and required supporting documentation to us so we can finalise your cancellation. After your Cancellation of Course is processed, your CoE will also be cancelled. It is your responsibility to contact the Department of Home Affairs and discuss the implications of your cancellation on your student visa.

Letter of release

As a student visa holder, you cannot transfer from CQUniversity to another education provider within the first 6 months of commencing your study, unless you have been granted a release by CQUniversity. If you are considering applying for a Student Request for Release, please speak with a member of the International Student Support Team to discuss your situation before you submit your application.