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OHS and SafeZone

At CQUniversity we take the physical and mental safety, health and welfare of our staff and students very seriously. That is why we have a number of measures in place to ensure you can access safety and security services when you need them.


Security Officers provide security and advice for students, staff and visitors of the University.

To contact security at any location please contact either x1331 from a CQUniversity landline phone or dial 0418 792 982.


The University has in place a simple, easy to use mobile application to deliver important emergency notification alerts and instructions to staff and students. The App also allows you to notify us of an unfolding emergency or submit an urgent request for help or first aid.


Why should I get SafeZone?

SafeZone is a simple and seamless communication tool for CQUniversity to share information and messages with staff and students during emergency situations, including but not limited to severe weather events, off-campus emergencies that may affect the safety of our staff and students, and incidents that may trigger the need for a lockdown on campus. Along with this the App will also allow you to request first aid, call for help or alert us to an unfolding emergency.

It is not compulsory to download SafeZone however it will make it much easier for you to remain connected during an emergency and for you to call for help if and when you or someone else needs it.

If I get SafeZone will my privacy be protected?

SafeZone does not and cannot track your location until you send an Emergency Alarm or make a Help or First Aid call. All information that you provide as a SafeZone user is also protected by Federal and State Privacy Laws. Read about the privacy provisions at

More Frequently Asked Questions


To download the App please go to the iOS App Store (for Apple users), Google Play (for Android users) or the Windows Phone Store, and search for 'SafeZone'. Once your download is complete you will then need to open the SafeZone App and sign-up using your CQUniversity staff or student email address (do not use a personal email address as this will not allow you to register).

The App is free to download and install.

How to use SafeZone

For more information about SafeZone, please click here.

To learn about Occupational Health and Safety, please visit the occupational health and safety website or watch this short video.