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Unit Evaluations

Student Unit and Teacher Evaluations

The future is you! You're encouraged to complete the Term 2 2019 Student Unit and Teacher Evaluations (previously known as unit evaluations) to help shape future decisions at CQUniversity.

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The simple survey now allows you to anonymously evaluate individual teaching styles, in addition to your course units. 

Survey data will provide CQUniversity with insights into your academic experience and will play an integral role in improving how the University delivers a quality education. 

Take this opportunity for your voice to be heard. Have your say today via the big red button in your online Moodle unit.

Evaluations close Sunday, 27 October.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I complete the evaluations?

Unit and Teacher evaluations are conducted through your Moodle unit site every term. Click on the 'have your say' button.

Are my responses anonymous?

Yes! Responses to evaluations are anonymous. No personal information is associated with your response after the data is downloaded. No individuals can be identified in the aggregated reports and comments.

Why does CQUniversity require the survey completed online?

The short online survey is a quick and easy way to provide your feedback. Moodle allows the survey to remain consistent for every unit in every term and in every location.

What happens to my feedback?

A statement about what changes have or have not occurred as an outcome from student feedback will be posted on the relevant Moodle unit site under the “enhancements” link and in the CQUni handbook. The anonymous aggregated results and comments are released to the Unit Coordinators, Deans and Deputy Deans of School and relevant Learning and Teaching Services staff. Aggregated data may also be used for academic research purposes.

Why are unit evaluations important?

Your feedback gives us a great opportunity to review and enhance the quality of our courses and units. We listen to your feedback as we want to provide you with a positive experience in your learning journey.