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Research Survey participation

As a CQUniversity student, you have the opportunity to contribute to research projects by completing student surveys.

Our research projects contribute to CQUniversity’s commitment to excellence and innovation which create impacts for our local communities. Research is monitored by relevant Ethics committees, ensuring CQUniversity's projects are always in accordance with relevant guidelines and codes.

Current surveys will be posted on this page. Before completing a survey, it's a good idea to check you are familiar and comfortable with the research topic.

Please note that participation in research surveys that are shared on this page is not mandatory; participation is voluntary.

CQUniversity’s Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research (QCDFVR)

All CQUniversity students are invited to participate in this survey, which will examine the experiences and behaviors of vocational and university students. In particular, the survey aims to gather data on experiences related to sexual violence and harassment, and how technology is now playing a part in this issue.

The QCDFVR is one of Australia’s leading research groups when it comes to researching domestic, family and sexual violence issues and the research delivered by the Centre helps to inform government policy and guides service delivery organisations in providing best practice support to those who have been impacted by domestic, family and sexual violence. This is very important work helping to bring about solutions to very complex issues within our community.

Completing this survey will help the Centre continue this important work and this pilot study will help to build a foundation for a broader study involving other Australian universities and so too universities overseas. The data collected from this study has the potential to help universities better understand these complex issues improve services for victims and survivors of sexual violence and harassment. The study may also help to guide the development of educational tools to build a culture of respect.

This survey is completely optional and is one hundred percent anonymous. The results of this study will be published on the CQUniversity website later this year.

If you have any concerns about the nature and/or conduct of this study, please contact CQUniversity’s Office of Research on 07 4923 2603; E-mail:; Mailing address: Building 32, CQUniversity, Rockhampton QLD 4702. This project has been approved by the CQUniversity Human Research Ethics Committee.

If this communication has raised any issues for you or you have any questions or concerns, please seek support via the University’s counselling service at or 07 4930 9456, or visit

For more information on the work delivered by the QCDFVR please visit


Physical activity research for people over 65 living in Rockhampton or Yeppoon

The Physical Activity Research Group is recruiting participants for a new study. This time they're looking for people aged 65 years or over living in Rockhampton or Yeppoon who want to become more active.

The research team has developed a website to try to assess the effectiveness of an internet-based health promotion program for improving physical activity habits of Australian adults 65+ years. Their website will provide you with personalised feedback about your physical activity levels and how you can improve them; giving you the ideal opportunity to live active and healthy.

Participation is free and an incentive will be provided.If you have any questions, please email or phone 07 4930 6456.

Register online >>