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MyCQU - LGBTI student support

LGBTI student support

Ally Program

Supporting student diversity at CQUniversity

CQUni is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for all students with a zero tolerance approach to bullying and discrimination.  As part of this, we have implemented an Ally Program to promote acceptance and understanding for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) students. The Ally program is for ALL students, whether you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or not.

There is an Ally Network on Moodle as a connection point for any student who would like to be involved, with resources, links, and forums. It is a place for students to access support and get in contact with an Ally.

This is also the place where students who want to become trained as Allies can do so.

We join many other universities around Australia in having an Ally Program and making CQUniversity a welcoming place for all.

What is an Ally

An Ally is simply any person who is informed about, is sensitive toward and has an understanding of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTIQ) people and their issues. An Ally supports the experience and rights of LGBTIQ persons and encourages tolerance in a variety of ways including by individual example and personal awareness. Allies are not identified as being either heterosexual or LGBTIQ but are representative of the entire CQUniversity community.

What do Allies do?

An Ally is someone who can guide students to resources and support staff, inform students about CQUniversity policies and procedures, listen to students' concerns, reassure students, and discuss ways of dealing with issues that arise.  It is not counselling, and you are not expected to be an expert in LGBTIQ issues.  Students will not be allocated to Allies, but may be referred to the program by staff or academics.  Allies will also pro-actively combat homophobia, either in conversations or by referring the matter to Student Support Centre staff.

Find an Ally























Become an Ally


As an Ally, you will need to complete online training in moodle and also attend a face-to-face training session

The training involves information and role-plays to enable you to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to be an Ally.  You will not be required to indicate your identity, but there are options to share.  The expectation is that training will be a safe and confidential space to discuss matters and ask questions, free from prejudice.  There is also no expectation of prior knowledge, just an open mind.

Once you have done the training, a list of Ally's names and emails will be placed below on this webpage along with a description of what an Ally is and does. You may also be expected to wear a badge at events identifying you as an Ally.

Time commitment

It is not expected to take much time, just emails and conversations as they occur and occasional refresher training.

To join the Ally Network

Please email Gemma Mann at to be given access to the Ally Network.