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MyCQU - Financial Information

Financial Information

Tuition Fees

All international students are liable to pay tuition fees each term. Fees are calculated upon enrolment and are based on the individual units you enrol into. If you make any changes to your enrolment, your fees will be recalculated. If you need to repeat a unit, you will need to pay for it again.

Fees are subject to change and may increase each year. You can view Tuition Fee Schedules in a particular year through the Tuition Fees page.

To check how much you need to pay, you can generate a Fee Notice via MyCentre. Your Fee Notice will outline the units you are enrolled into, any scholarship (sponsorship) discount and the amount outstanding.

Payment Methods:You can pay your tuition fees as follows:

  • Online through the My Payments section in MyCentre
  • BPay - information is listed at the bottom of your Fee Notice
  • In-Person at your campus (Rockhampton, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne only)

Payments via MyCentre are encouraged as the payment is recorded against your account immediately. Payments made by BPay may take up to 3 working days to be applied to your account.

You must have your tuition fees paid in full by Census Date each term. If you fail to pay your fees on time, your Moodle will be restricted, you will become subject to the Collections Policy and Procedures and your enrolment may be at risk.

Please note: if you are a recipient of the International Student Scholarship and you have not paid your tuition fees by Census Date, your scholarship will be withdrawn from future terms.

Financial Hardship
If you are experiencing severe financial hardship and therefore you are unable to pay your tuition fees in full by Census Date, please talk to the International Student Support Team at your campus to discuss your options. It is important you have this conversation before census date and you bring independent documentation to support your situation. During the meeting, the International Student Support Team will advise if a payment plan is an option. Please note, payment plans are not guaranteed and are assessed on a case-by-case basis.


International Student Scholarship

The International Student Scholarship is only available to new undergraduate and postgraduate coursework international students and must be applied for at time of admission. You cannot apply for this Scholarship after you have accepted your offer/commenced your studies.

If you are in receipt of this scholarship, it will remain valid while you:

a. remain enrolled in full-time study in compulsory terms; and
b. remain enrolled in the course listed on your Letter of Offer; and
c. ensure tuition fees are paid in full by census date each term; and
d. meet the conditions of your student visa.

It will be discontinued if you:

a. have overdue tuition fees and/or outstanding debts after census date of each term;
b. have a MAP 3 condition on your enrolment
c. graduate from your nominated course; apply for a Change of Course, cancel your enrolment, or have your enrolment cancelled.

While you continue to meet the Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship, it will automatically be applied to your tuition fees each term.

Other Scholarships

Scholarships for international students are limited, however, if there are other scholarships open to international students, they will be listed on the Scholarships website. You should filter the results by selecting ‘International’ in the citizenship criteria. Some scholarships are offered internally, while others may require you to apply to an external organisation.