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MyCQU - Share Clean Air

Share Clean Air

As of 1 January, 2018 CQUniversity is now smoke free.

For the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors, smoking will no longer be permitted on any CQUniversity campus around Australia. The introduction of this new policy is the result of a Queensland Health recommendation to ban smoking at all education and health facilities across Queensland.

All staff and students are asked to comply with the introduction of this new smoke-free policy by not smoking anywhere on university grounds. Together we can all share clean air!

If you see someone smoking on campus, please remind them that CQUni is now a smoke-free university.

Intensive Quit Support Program

With the introduction of this smoke free policy, there has never been a better time to quit. Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but with the right tools and support, quitting smoking is possible and can be one of the most life-changing achievements a person can make.
CQUni has partnered with Queensland’s Quitline service to offer free quit smoking support. The Quitline (13 78 48) is a confidential, free service for people who want to quit smoking. The service will provide you with information, advice and assistance tailored to your particular needs.

Counsellors are available 7.00am – 10.00pm, 7 days a week. Calls from anywhere in Queensland cost the price of a local call (calling from a mobile costs more). Quitline also has a team of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander counsellors. Ask to speak to one when you call. You may also be eligible for a quit support program that includes counselling sessions combined with nicotine replacement therapy, such as patches, gum and lozenges.

Call Quitline on 13 78 48 now

Frequently asked questions

Is it just CQUniversity going smoke-free?
All Universities and TAFE colleges in Queensland are going to be smoke-free in 2018. By World No Tobacco Day in May, all tertiary education facilities in Queensland will be smoke-free.

Why not include specified areas for smokers to use on-campus?
We are going completely smoke-free (including e-cigarettes and vaping).
Everyone should be free to access all areas of CQUniversity without being at risk of more than just exposure to the harmful side-effects, but also the odours associated with smoking and smokers, and cigarette litter. The ONLY specified smoking areas will be on CQUniversity residential facilities for use by students who permanently reside at that facility.

So where are smokers permitted to smoke?
As of 1 January, 2018 smokers will need to go off-campus and smoke outside of the CQUniversity premises boundary. Smoking will not be permitted in car parks or at entry points to the University.

Will this apply to external contractors?
Absolutely. The policy has always applied to contractors and their staff, and all visitors.

I will just start smoking herbal cigarettes or e-cigarettes. They will be allowed won't they?
The term 'smoking' includes the use of all tobacco-related products, electronic cigarettes and all other devises used for a similar purpose (e.g. vapour pens).  So, the answer is no.

Share Clean Air