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How to Use UCROO

The UCROO look and feel is very similar to Facebook, so it won’t take long before you’re an expert user.

If there's something specific you're looking for, check out the UCROO Student User Guide.

Otherwise, here are a few quick tips on how to get started, and advice about what UCROO can do for you at each stage of your study journey.

Tips for signing up

As a CQUni student, you already have a UCROO account. Just visit and sign in with your CQUni student details.

Verify your identity using your CQUniversity email address (this is important – only students with a CQUniversity address can access the secure network).

Connecting to Facebook is completely optional, and then once you enter a few details about your study, you're ready to go with UCROO!

There's a handy UCROO Student User Guide that explains the individual features of UCROO, which can come in handy if you're struggling to figure out how UCROO works.

If you encounter any trouble signing up to UCROO, email the UCROO Helpdesk -

Tips for getting connected

1. Join a Study Group (or create one if your subject isn’t listed)
2. Follow Student Services (including the Library, Events and Activities and the Academic Learning Centre)
3. Find a Club or Society to follow
4. Find a Mentor (particularly if you’re a first-year student)
5. List a second-hand textbook on the Marketplace
6. See if there’s a group in Custom Groups that interests you.
7. Get your Calendar organised so your friends can see when you’re on campus
8. Add five connections

Tips for First-Year Students

Students in their first term at CQUniversity are able to join Mentor Groups on UCROO, connecting with peers and student mentors through the Student Mentor Program.

Once you’ve signed up for UCROO, log in and head to the ‘Mentor Groups’ link in the left-hand sidebar to browse available mentor groups and connect with a student mentor.

You can choose a Mentor from your campus (or from another campus if you’d like), depending on their study area, course or even their interests.

Tips for Study Groups

Do you want to join a study group? Looking to connect with students on campus? UCROO Study Groups are your answer.

Study groups can be specific to a unit (BIOH11006), to a course (Bachelor of Accounting), to a location (Bundaberg campus) or to a wider discipline (Business students), so there’s sure to be one that suits you!

If there’s not, it’s simple to create a study group. Just select ‘Study Groups’ in the left-hand sidebar, and click the green ‘Create Study Group’ button in the centre pane. You can set the name, meeting time, and even if the group is private or public.

Once you’ve created your study group, invite your peers to join and you’re off and running.

Tips for Textbook-Sellers

If you’ve completed more than one term of study, it’s likely that you have a textbook to sell. Enter UCROO Marketplace – an easy way to make some cash from your unused textbooks (and anything else you may wish to sell).

Listing your textbook is easy. Just select Marketplace in the left-hand sidebar, and click ‘Sell Item’ in the centre pane. Enter a few details about your book (Title, author, edition and subject are helpful, as well as price), and click ‘Create Listing’.

Your listing will be valid for 90 days, so keep checking back to see if you’ve had any interest.

You can also advertise for Wanted Items – if you know your requirements for next term, ask the CQUni UCROO community if they’ve got second-hand books to sell.

Tips for Clubs & Societies

For organisers of student clubs and societies, UCROO is a central way to connect with your members.

Just visit Clubs & Societies from the left-hand sidebar, and browse the club listings to find one that might interest you.

If you’re a club organiser and you would like help getting your club up and running on UCROO, please contact for assistance.