UCROO – Be Connected

UCROO (pronounced You-Crew) is CQUniversity’s own private social network, helping you to connect to fellow students, campus life, study groups and more.

Want to find out what’s happening on campus? Check out the UCROO All Students Feed.

Need to chat to other students in your course? Check out UCROO Subject Groups.

Want to connect to a student mentor or find a study group? Check out UCROO Study Groups or Mentors..

Need to sell a used textbook? Check out UCROO Marketplace.

Depending on your study method, it’s not always possible to be around campus. You might even be more likely to spend more time in front of a screen than in a student lounge.

UCROO is the digital campus of CQUniversity, allowing you to connect with your peers and mentors right across the country. Regardless of which CQUniversity campus you attend, you can take the official student social network with you wherever you go.

Sign up or sign in to UCROO now and join our digital campus.

If you've already signed up, see our Student Guide for help navigating UCROO, or click through to our Help section. Don't forget to download the free app on the Google Play or Apple App Store.