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Welcome to CQUniversity's podcasts page. Here you can listen to the latest episodes or catch up on past ones.

CQUni is proud to present three podcast series:

  1. Change Champ Chats
  2. CQUniversity Commentary
  3. CQUniversity Greatvine

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CQUniversity Commentary is a podcast that brings you CQUni's experts who explore and dissect current affairs and issues that affect you, your family and your community. 

CQUniversity has dedicated the first season of CQUniversity Commentary to focus on conversations about the emerging issues from COVID-19.

Check out the episodes:

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Catch up on all five sessions of the Greatvine here.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes people tick, what inspires them, and how they’ve become the people they are today, then you’re going to love the Greatvine. CQUniversity’s Greatvine is a podcast series that chats with some of the University’s interesting characters: from professors and lecturers, to support staff and students.

Season 5
  • One-stop-shop for jobs: Peter Heilbuth
  • Gambling, crocodiles and homelessness: Nancy Greer
  • High stakes in education: Chris Veraa
  • Making the most of student life: Rhianna Wood
  • Driving creative social change: Lara Carton
  • Science education matters: Linda Pfeiffer
Season 4
  • Melinda Mann
  • Adrian Miller
  • Priscilla Crighton
  • Nathan English
  • Simon Robson
  • Celeste Lawson
  • Corneel Vandelanotte
  • Charlie Jensen
  • Joanne Perry
  • Beau Moloney
Season 3
  • Greatvine Special Edition: CQUniCares
  • Marti Harris
  • Sue Smith
  • Jacobus Vorster
  • Jodie Duignan-George
  • Gary Kaddatz
  • Karen Crone
  • Bronte and Elliot Wills
  • Nick Klomp
  • Francois Gallais
  • Alistair Melzer
Season 2
  • Stephen Moston
  • Andrew Taylor-Robinson
  • Adam Rose
  • Emma Jackson
  • Adele Baldwin
  • Kirsty Leo
  • Kirt Hainzer
  • Kari Arbouin
  • Lynne Parkinson
  • Bruce McKenzie
Season 1
  • Scott Bowman (Ep 1)
  • Scott Bowman (Ep 2)
  • Leonie Short
  • Peter Lawrence
  • Kerry Reid-Searl
  • Bill Blayney
  • Wayne Jones
  • Mel Hayman
  • Gary Balderson
  • Lydia Mainey

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