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MyCQU - Start a CGS

Start a CGS

Follow these steps to create a new club or society:

Step 1- Expression of interest

You’ll need to complete the Clubs and Societies Expression of Interest eForm. If you need assistance completing this form, please email

>> Complete the Expression of Interest

Step 2 – Inaugural Meeting

Your first meeting is required so that your club or society can work together to discuss:

  • Setting clear aims and objectives for your club or society
  • Developing a timetable of events that you’d like to hold throughout the year – and what kind of support you will need to make them happen
  • Constructing a constitution for your club or society. You can either create your own, or you can adopt the University’s clubs and societies constitution. All constitutions need to be formally approved by the Coordinator, Student Representative Council before being formally adopted.

>> Download the University’s template

Step 3 – Host an Annual General Meeting

An annual general meeting is where your club or society will need to:

  • Adopt the constitution
  • Elect club or society contacts
  • Collect membership fees (if required)
  • Discuss opening a community bank account and nominate signatories
  • Create a club or society email address
  • Financial acquittal (Treasurers report).

It’s important to note that clubs and societies must have a minimum number of 6 members with at least 50% of members being enrolled CQUniversity students.

Step 4 – Submit Documentation

The following completed documents will need to be submitted to the Student Representative Council:

For more information about club management, events and activities, and club and society promotion, visit the Clubs and Societies Handbook!

Clubs and Societies on UCROO

As the official CQUniversity student social network, UCROO can be an important tool in helping you to communicate with your fellow students. UCROO has a Clubs & Societies section, specifically created to help you manage your club or society at CQUni. For more information click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, email