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CGS Directory

There are a number of clubs, groups and societies here at CQUniversity - click on the group's name below to learn more. If you would like to add your organisation to the list, email

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Agricultural Association

Study Location: Rockhampton North

The aim of the Agricultural Association is to raise awareness, and be a voice for the next generation of those passionate about the agricultural industry.


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Capricorn Tabletop

Study Locations: Rockhampton

Special Interest: Board Games

Boards, Dice, Cards, Tiles, Meeples - if you like games with these we're looking for you. If you are interested in board games in Rockhampton or Capricorn Coast area - join this group! We enjoy a wide variety of challenging strategic and entertaining board games. Some games our members enjoy:

  • Dominion
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Pandemic
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill
  • Small World
  • The Resistance
  • Cosmic Encounter
  • Smash Up

But whether it's sit-down and think Eurogame about Venetian merchants or a fresh-off Kickstarter card game about superheroes - you'll probably be able to find someone who will give it a go.

Our events are typically bring and play. Bring it if you want to play it, but be willing to join someone else's games and don't be upset if yours doesn't get a go this time. There is no obligation to bring games, someone will bring some games.

We have a working partnership with the local miniature wargaming group, Capricorn Tabletop Gamers, and the Rockhampton Bowls Club.


Central Queensland University Gaming Club (CQUGC)

Study Locations: Rockhampton and Online

Special Interest: Video Games

The CQUGC aims to bring people together through the common interest of enjoying video games. We provide a community where students can meet new friends and a lively event calendar that is active both on and off campus. Our aim is to cater to a wide variety of gaming interests, so you can be assured you will be welcome whether you enjoy a casual game of Mario with friends or the competitive gaming scene.


CQU Business Students Association Mackay

Study Location: Mackay City

Founded by students for students of the Mackay School of Business, Accounting and Law, we aim to:

  • Provide a networking basis for industry-student interaction.
  • Allow members to develop professional and personal skills that will benefit their careers.
  • Provide assistance and support for members, in specific regarding their future and career paths.
  • Provide local businesses with an opportunity to promote their business and its benefits to both industry and individuals.


CQU Future Stars Cricket Club

Study Location: Melbourne

We are a group of passionate cricketers striving to win titles. We aim to raise health awareness through sports activities, to:

  • involve more females into playing the game of cricket.
  • break down barriers and build relationships through cricket.
  • prepare and help cricketers with dreams of higher or professional careers in cricket to achieve what they want through our club.
  • prepare women's cricket team to compete in future tournaments.

Contact: or

CQU PhotogCollective

Study Locations: Melbourne

Special interest: Photography

The CQU PhotogCollective aims at teaching and encouraging students to master the photography skills and supporting their talent to be celebrated among peers at CQUniversity. The club will achieve its aims by running workshops covering camera skills across wide range of photography genres, running competitions and hosting on campus exhibitions

Contact: Shivam Sagar Follow cquphotogcollective on Facebook and Instagram.

CQU Physiotherapy Society

Study location: Rockhampton North

Founded in 2016 , CQUPTS is a physiotherapy and allied health student society that aims to organise regular social and professional events for our members. We hope to encourage both social and professional interaction between class mates and year levels, increasing the university experience for all allied health students.

Contact: Mark Taranto or Victoria Hutton

CQU Scientific Society

Study Locations: Rockhampton

Who can join: Membership is open to CQU students and staff that have an interest in science (chemistry, physics, biology and all related disciplines) and wish to be part of a mixed science club.

Why Join: Club membership is the opportunity to network and collaborate person-to-person to discuss science related topics and career opportunities. We hold regular social gathering and special meeting nights. Plus an annual end of year ball for our members.

Membership fees: Annual membership is $10.


CQU Taekwondo Club

Study Location: Melbourne

Taekwondo Club is a platform where you can gain strength, durability, confidence, self defense and a lot more. Come and train with us, and have an opportunity to master this art with an international coach. The main aim of this club is to represent CQU in championships at national and inter-university level.


CQUni Law Society

Study Location: Distance

A student law society is an important part of the legal learning experience. Until now we haven't had one. It's our aim to form a society which will provide regular social and networking events for you to meet and engage your peers, as well as gain important career information, such as information nights with law firms or other organisations within the legal sphere, career expos, etc.


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Early Childhood Education Club

Study Location: Mackay City

The Early Childhood Education Club exists to facilitate the professional development of its members through participation in a variety of early childhood activities at the local, state and national levels.

Contact: Early Childhood Education Lecturer, Jodie Riek

Engineering Undergraduates Society

Study locations: Rockhampton

The Engineering Undergraduates Society began in 1983 and has been improving the student life of its members. The objectives of the society shall be as follows:

  • To represent the interests of the engineering students, and the study of engineering in general at CQUniversity Australia.
  • To foster and promote the educational, welfare and cultural life of members.
  • To cater for the social needs of members.
  • To expand and invest in assets to aid in the development of the society.
  • To develop the society sustainably.
  • To build relations with corporate businesses to benefit the society and its members.

The society shall not be carried on for the purpose of profit or material gain to its individual members.

Contact: Dylan Gannan -

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Golden Key International Honour Society

Study Locations: All

Golden Key is an academic honour society which encourages scholastic achievement and excellence in university students from all academic disciplines.

More about Golden Key at:

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Mackay Engineering Society (MES)

Study Location: Mackay Ooralea

Mackay Engineering Society (MES) is a student organisation consisting of first and second year engineering students of multiple disciplines. The aim of MES is to provide its members with the opportunity to participate in networking events and connect with industry. Our goal is to use this experience to improve our academic performance, employability and develop a reputation as an innovative and efficient engineering team.


Mackay Golden Z Club

Study Locations: Mackay

  • Service your university, local and international community
  • Be a part of a recognised international organisation
  • Attend fundraising & social events
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Take advantage of rewards and scholarship opportunities
  • Remain aware of local and word wide issues
  • Network with fellow students

Become a part of the global Golden Z Club team TODAY!!!

Contact: Vassie Comino – or Tenille Da Rin Perette -

Student Psychology Society

Study location: Distance

The SPS aims to provide a friendly social network for students and staff in the academic field of psychology. The main aim of the SPS is to bring an exciting social element to the study of psychology at CQUni, and to facilitate much-needed support networks between students. This will be achieved by:

  • Holding competitions for engagement.
  • Publishing regular newsletters.
  • Engaging on UCROO, Moodle, Facebook and on campus; and
  • Hosting on-campus events/regular meet-ups.

Contact: Samantha Arnold (President)

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Study Locations: Melbourne

We are a Unique and Creative lot; hence we are known as the UNIQITVE. Every student has some unique and creative talent within them be it painting, dancing, poetry, stand-up comedy, drama/theatre, singing, or photography.

UNIQTIVE Aims to boost the confidence and motivation of students by giving them a platform to celebrate their skills through various events and activities so they can share their talents with everyone proudly.

Contact: Abhishek Panchal

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