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MyCQU - Establish a Club or Society

Establish a Club or Society


CQUniversity encourages students and alumni to set up clubs and societies. The process is very simple, and you will have the support from the Student Representative Council administration team.

Before you submit an expression of interest you should check that a club or society with very similar aims and objectives does not already exist (see our directory). If your proposed club or society is similar to a club in existence, your club may not be approved for affiliation.


Step 1. Expression of Interest

Complete an Expression of Interest e-form. The SRC will respond within 3 (three) working days. When thinking of a name for your group, please note that ‘CQU’ is no longer permitted in the name, however ‘CQUni’ or ‘CQUniversity’ is.

Step 2. Inaugural Meeting

Organise an inaugural meeting so your club or society can work together to:

  • Develop an agenda prior to the meeting.
  • Set clear aims and objectives for your club or society by developing a draft constitution.
  • Develop a timetable of events and meetings that you’d like to hold throughout the year.
  • Discuss what kind of support you will need to make these events happen, including a preliminary budget if applicable.
  • Keep an attendance list for all meetings held.

Step 3. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Your club or society will need to hold an AGM to consider the following:

  • Adopt the club or society’s constitution, as drafted at the inaugural meeting.
  • Elect club roles. Only current students can hold executive positions.
  • Create a central email address such as Gmail and provide logins to managers.
  • Create a membership list.
  • Collect membership fees (only if required).
  • Discuss opening a community bank account and nominate signatories (only if required).
  • Undertake the necessary financial acquittal (only if required).

    Clubs and societies must have a minimum of six members with at least 50% being enrolled* or alumni students of CQUniversity.

Step 4. Submit Documentation

The following completed documents will need to be returned to the SRC via

  • Membership list (containing student ID’s identifying club executives/managers)
  • Club email contact
  • Schedule of planned activities and events
  • Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Copy of agreed constitution