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Research Mentors

Meet the mentors of the 2019 RHD Research Mentors program.

Holly Hosking


Based in: Rockhampton

Hi I'm Holly. I started my PhD in January 2018 and have practically lived in the lab since.

I've always dreamt of being a researcher and have been fortunate enough to be able to pursue my research in my hometown of Rockhampton. My research is investigating whether the rate of DNA repair in white blood cells after DNA damage inflicted in the laboratory can predict susceptibility to familial cancers.

I'm always up for a chat and would for the RHD mentors to be able to introduce more casual events such as catch ups over coffee/drink on a Friday afternoon.

Kula Kularadhan


Based in: Gladstone

Kula Kularadhan is a researcher, health services manager and a medical practitioner who has a special interest in sustainable regional development, tourism development and social sustainability. the topic of his current research is 'A study of the role of community engagement in long-term sustainable coastal tourism destination planning in an era of changing climate - study of Yeppoon'.

Kula has qualifications as a Master of Health Services Management at the University of Western Sydney, Australia and Doctor of Medicine at Tver State Medical Academy, Tver, Russia. He has worked in both Sri Lanka and Australia as a medical practitioner in regional areas, which has given him an in-depth understanding of the needs of the people living in regional towns.

Being a strong believer in hard works as a pathway to success, Kula has taken regional development and tourism development as his research and career interest. He is currently working on creating a tourism project for Central Queensland, Australia.

Lyndsey Wright


Based in: Melbourne

Hi all, I am Lyndsey Wright and I am thrilled to be an RHD mentor in 2019. I am full-time PhD candidate in the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences. My PhD is on the efficacious conduct of post-disaster social research in Australia. In layman's terms, this means 'how we can best learn from the human experience of disaster (bushfire, cyclone or flood) through poeple's stories in a timely manner without unduly imposing on their recovery. I successfully completed my CoC in March 2019 and can now see how valuable that process was. I have recently submitted my application for ethics approval for my data collection and am anxiously awaiting the outcome. Assuming all is well this year will be a full one for me as I ask other researchers about their post-disaster studies.

In a 'former life' I was a research manager with a public transport organisation, an emergency service and later with a CRC. In these roles I actively engaged with students, researchers and industry bodies. Through this experience I have some insights into what organisations expect when they employ researchers - either as consultants or members of staff. I am happy to share my thoughts with those applying for work with industry (or engage with a CRC).

As a mature aged distance student (I am based in Melbourne with my supervisors in Adelaide and Rockhampton) I encounter the challenges that come with this stage of life: running a household and a family while studying from home. I know at times this isn't easy. One of the biggest challenges I have found is the feeling of isolation and lack of interaction with other students sharing similar experiences. Because of this, one of the things I hope to do as a mentor is provide a virtual space where people can drop in, share a cup of coffee and feel less alone. I will also be 'hanging out' at the Melbourne campus on occassions and want to help make this a welcoming place for new and not-so-new RHD students.

Sundar Shrestha


Based in: Rockhampton

Sundar is a PhD Candidate at the School of Engineering and Technology (SET). He was awarded 'best presenter' prize at the SET RHD Symposium 2018.

Sundar immigrated to Australia in 2015 and now considers this beautiful land as his second home. He feels gratified while working for people and community, and is an active member of the Central Queensland Multicultural Association. Sundar is also president of the Nepalese community, and organises community events targeting Nepalese as well as the broader cross-cultural society.

Good news for RHD students! Sundar is here to support you in your early stages of research studies, and help you settle in by sharing his knowledge that he went through in his early candidature. Please do not hesitate to talk to this friendly person, who can communicate with you in your own language if you speak Nepali, German, English and/or Hindi.