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Current Research

Current Research

Some people devote their entire lives to researching a particular concept to improve the lives of others, so that we can enjoy a better quality of life.

At CQUniversity, we are involved in an array of current research projects.  Committed to excellence and innovation, CQUniversity is proud to play an important role in various research initiatives with business, government and the community. Across our Schools, Institutes and Centres, CQUniversity research focuses on our Research Strengths.

Find out more about Research at CQUniversity:

Research is monitored by relevant Ethics committees, ensuring CQUniversity's projects are always in accordance with relevant guidelines and codes.


During your research career you will need specific software to perhaps gather data, proofread or even just to keep track of your work.

We strongly recommended that you install:

  • Office 365 - Virtual Office,
  • EndNote,
  • nVivo,
  • Research Master,
  • SPSS Statistics / Amos,
  • OneDrive,
  • Microsoft Sharepoint,
  • PPSP, and
  • PerfectIt

CQUniversity has licences for, and the ability to download, the software listed above. For any other software, whether it be specific to your area of research, or you just have an enquiry about licences please contact our ICT Contractors at

5 Minute Research Pitch (5RP)

The 5RP is a great opportunity for researchers to showcase their research to a national audience and be in the running to win funding to support their future research.

Researchers will be required to deliver a five-minute presentation of their current or recently completed research with the aid of three PowerPoint slides. The competition is similar to the 3 Minute Thesis competition run nationally for PhD students.

The competition is open to researchers at Levels A, B, and C. The first place winner in each of the groupings in the Institutional Finals will proceed to the National Finals. The groupings are:

  • Group One – Sciences and Health
  • Group Two – Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.

Researchers from the following universities will compete at the National Finals hosted by the University of Southern Queensland Springfield campus on Monday 19 November 2018:



At CQUniversity we know the power of support. We believe uni should be for everyone. No matter your situation, we know that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time and are proud to offer a wide range of scholarships, awards and financial assistance programs.

Receiving a scholarship not only looks good on your resume but may open the door to more benefits and opportunities, such as industry contacts and work experience.

You could also benefit from a student loan and a budgeting tool to help you manage the cost of going to university.

Browse the categories to find more information about the range of scholarships on offer, including individual scholarship guidelines, application forms and closing dates.

All successful scholarship applicants must enter their current financial institution details into their MyCentre to ensure that payment can be made as per the Scholarship guidelines.

Browse Scholarships in your field of research and get the support you need.