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MyCQU - Textbooks and Bookshop

Textbooks and Bookshop

Textbooks are very important study resources. These may be prescribed or recommended for each unit within the Unit Profile.

If a textbook is prescribed for a unit, the Lecturer has deemed that this unit cannot be successfully completed without the textbook. Recommended textbooks will assist you to build on your learning but aren't required to complete the unit.

Finding textbooks

To find out the textbooks that are prescribed or recommended for your units this term, you should:

  • Visit the CQUni Bookshop website and search for your textbook via the unit code, e.g. HRMT11011; or
  • Visit a CQUniversity campus, and see the Bookshop on that campus to ask what textbooks you require; or
  • Return to the homepage of this website and select the textbooks icon or link for that unit.

Purchasing textbooks

Textbooks can be purchased either on campus, by calling (07) 49309421, or online at the CQUni Bookshop website.

Second-hand textbooks are listed on our official social network UCROO. To find textbooks listed on the Marketplace, visit UCROO from a desktop computer, sign up if you don't already have an account, and select the Marketplace from the side menu.