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Succeed at CQUniversity is a tailored support program, with a personalised approach to guiding students through their first year of university study. We understand that your first term studying at any university can be a challenging experience. Succeed at CQUniversity aims to provide additional support and guidance. Our focus is on ensuring that you understand the support services available to you and academic staff members you should contact when help is needed. Asking questions is a big part of being a university student. Succeed at CQUniversity will ensure you are asking the right people, the right questions.

A range of identifiers are considered before students are contacted by the Succeed at CQUniversity program, for example the distance a student is living from the nearest CQUniversity campus. Students who are identified are then contacted proactively throughout the term, to ensure they are given the best possible chance of achieving their academic goals.

Students who are contacted by a Succeed at CQUniversity consultant can discuss their progress, along with any difficulties they may be having with their studies at that time. Succeed at CQUniversity will then recommend a number of support services, or specific staff members who can help resolve any issues.

Your first term will be a lesson in CQUniversity systems and processes, just as much as it will be about learning unit content. If you are contacted by the Succeed at CQUniversity program, we will help you to understand what is required of you in order to become a successful independent learner.

These contacts are not obtrusive, an appointment can be made with the consultant at a later time or the information can be emailed, if this is preferred. We encourage all students who are contacted by Succeed at CQUniversity to take full advantage of this program and any referrals that are made to support services.

Not all students will be contacted by Succeed at CQUniversity. If you are not contacted, this simply means you have not been identified as being in need of further assistance. All support services are still available to you and the Student Advice Team can assist you, if you have any uncertainty about what support services are available or how to access a particular service.

CQUniversity values the academic and personal wellbeing of all students and every effort will be made to connect you with the right service, regardless of if you are part of the Succeed at CQUni program. For more information, please feel free to contact us.