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Personalising the Student Experience

Personalising the Student Experience

CQUniversity is committed to assisting students to successfully transition into tertiary study to achieve their academic and career goals. The ‘Personalising the Student Experience’ (PSE) initiative is a tailored support program that welcomes and guides students through their first year of undergraduate study, and supports students who are facing challenges that may impact their studies.

Several initiatives have identified these challenges, which include personal factors such as family commitments, financial concerns, chronic health issues or disability, and work/life/study balance. The majority of students reported that they were under prepared and unaware of policies and services available to support them, and preferred a more personalised communication approach. For students studying at a distance, telephone contact is more effective than email communication, particularly for students who are disengaged from their studies. The PSE initiative was established to respond to these identified needs to improve the student experience and student success at CQUniversity.

CQUniversity understands that the first term of study can be a challenging experience, and the PSE Team aims to provide support and guidance to ensure students understand course requirements and the various support services available, and assist students to connect with the right people when help is needed.

Initial calls are made by student mentors in their final years of study to commencing students who have accepted an offer or enrolled in units, to convey specific course requirements and identify students who may require further assistance.These students are then referred to an Academic Liaison in the School for academic support, or to a Student Readiness Adviser to discuss the various assistance available.

Students are proactively contacted throughout the term which enables them to discuss their progress, along with any difficulties they may be experiencing with their studies at that time. The Adviser may assist students directly, recommend appropriate strategies, resources or support services, or connect students to these services via referrals where required.

First term for students will be a lesson in CQUniversity systems and processes, just as much as it will be about learning unit content. The PSE Team will help students understand what is required in order for them to become successful, independent learners. This proactive contact is not obtrusive, and an appointment can be made with an Adviser at a later time, or the information can be emailed if preferred. All students who are contacted by the PSE Team are encouraged to take full advantage of this initiative and any referrals that are made to support services.

CQUniversity values the academic and personal wellbeing of all students, and every effort will be made to connect students with the right service.

For more information regarding the PSE initiative, please contact us.