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We are currently experiencing an issue with phones on the Gladstone City campus and Rockhampton North campus. If you are trying to reach a staff member on this campus we recommend you email them or if it is urgent you can call the Student Advice Team on 132786 who will assist you.


MyCQU - Accept and enrol

Accept and enrol

Enrolment made easy

Welcome to the beginning of your student journey with CQUniversity!

Now that you have received your offer you must accept and enrol in the units that belong to your course. The steps included on this webpage will guide you through how to enrol, what to enrol in, and where to begin after signing up for units.

Enrolment made easy

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Undergraduate students

Information for domestic students starting Bachelor, Associate Degree and Diploma courses.

Postgraduate students

Information for domestic students starting Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master courses.

Non-Award students

Information for domestic students starting Single Non-Award, Cross-Institutional and Start Uni Now enrolments.

International students

Information for international students enrolling for the first time at CQUniversity

Need help? If you're unsure of what group you belong to please check your Offer Letter or contact us.