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MyCQU - Grades


Unit grades

At the end of each term, Grades for each unit are released on the Certification of Grades date. These can be viewed online from MyCQU or MyCentre.


To view your grades in MyCQU, visit the homepage and select the unit you wish to view. You will be taken to the Courses and Units page where your grade will display, if available.


To view your grades in MyCentre, visit the My Study section, selecting 'Manage My Course' and generating an unofficial transcript.

Unit Grades explained

To find out what a particular Grade means, visit our Grades Explained information sheet.

Assessment Marks

Marks and feedback for individual assessment pieces can be viewed in the relevant Moodle unit. To view a summary of these for that unit, select Grades from the Administration tab.

Review of Grade

The Review of Grades Procedures can be found at the Policy website. These procedures detail the processes required to review a grade. Included are the informal consultation process, the review of grade process, an appeal to the Office of the Student Ombudsman, and a final avenue for appeal to the University Appeals Committee.

If you are considering a Review of Grade application, please read the procedures thoroughly before commencing the informal consultation process.

TAFE Results of Assessment

To ensure you receive your results as quickly as possible after successfully completing a unit, all TAFE results will now be made available online. In the past, these results were mailed out individually, but hard-copy post can be slow and sometimes unreliable.

Now your results can be easily accessed online via MyCentre, providing you with quick, convenient access to all of your results in one place. To access your results, visit MyCentre and generate an unofficial transcript. Results can also be viewed from the MyCQU Student Portal. It's that easy! If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at