MyCQU - Certification of Grades

Certification of Grades

Certification of Grades is the date when overall unit grades are released for the relevant term. The Certification of Grades date for each term can be found in the Key Dates calendar of the CQUni Handbook.

After Certification of Grades, the overall results for each unit are released for that term and can be accessed online. Find out more about how to access grades.

Certification of Grades is always a busy day for our student systems. Staff will be working to ensure that all students receive their grades as soon as possible.

Don’t panic if one or more grades are not available immediately. Wait until the following Monday and if a grade is still unavailable, contact us and we will look into it for you.

TAFE Grades and Results

Certification of Grades doesn't apply to grades and results issued for TAFE courses. These grades and results are released continuously throughout the year. Find out more about TAFE Grades and Results.