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MyCQU - Unit profiles

Unit profiles

What is a Unit Profile?

A Unit Profile consists of:

  • Information on the unit
  • Unit Coordinator contact details
  • Textbook requirements
  • Weekly study schedule
  • Assessment due dates and details
  • Exam details, and
  • Other important information relating to the unit.

For each unit you will have a Unit Profile. It is an important requirement for you to download and print or save your Unit Profile for each unit you are enrolled in.

Unit Profiles will be released to students three weeks before the start of each term.

Find a Unit Profile

Already enrolled?

From the 'My Units' section on the homepage of this website, select the term and the unit you wish to view, and then click the Unit Profile icon or link to download your profile for that unit.

Haven't enrolled yet?

Locate the Unit Profile from the website found here.