MyCQU - Introducing MyCentre

Introducing MyCentre

MyCentre is our enrolment management system. Students use MyCentre to:

  • Respond to an offer
  • Select a major and add electives
  • Plan and enrol in units
  • Update my personal details
  • Generate an enrolment advice
  • Generate an unofficial transcript
  • View and print my course/grade history
  • Generate my Fee Notices
  • Make payments online.

Many of our courses allow students to enrol online with MyCentre. If you have accepted a place in a course that doesn’t allow this, it will be clearly stated in your offer of admission.

Visit MyCentre at




CourseA degree, diploma or certificate, e.g. Bachelor of Business.
UnitA single subject within the degree, e.g. Using Accounting for Decision Making.
Core unitA compulsory unit within a course that a student must study.
Elective unitA unit within a course that a student can elect to study within the course structure rules.
Pre-requisite unitA unit in which a student must be deemed competent or have achieved a passing grade that satisfies the requirements for a specified subsequent unit.
Co-requisite unitA unit that must be studied concurrently with another specified unit unless a passing grade for either unit has been obtained.
ClassAn on-campus lecture, tutorial, workshop or session.
EnrolDefines the action of enrolling into a unit in MyCentre.
Withdraw from unitDefines the action of withdrawing from a unit in MyCentre.
Unit CoordinatorThe primary teaching contact in your unit.
Unit ProfileThe primary source of unit information, e.g. assessment, learning outcomes, etc.
TermA teaching period, e.g. Term 1.