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MyCQU - Introducing MyCentre

Introducing MyCentre

The wait is over... MyCentre is here!

CQUcentral and eStudent have officially been replaced with MyCentre. This change has been more than two years in the making and provides you with a dynamic new enrolment system. Why not take a tour today and see what all the fuss is about?

Visit MyCentre at


What is MyCentre?

MyCentre is an enrolment management system, like CQUcentral. From MyCentre you will manage your contact details, access your study history, register for classes and complete your enrolment (if you are currently doing this online). You will also have access to all other transactions previously available to you in CQUcentral.

Why MyCentre?

MyCentre is an ideal solution. The system is user-friendly, available on your smart-phone and purpose-built for university students. Many other Australia universities currently utilise the software behind MyCentre.

What happened to CQUcentral?

CQUcentral was retired on 11 October. The new MyCentre system was released to students on 17 October 2016.

When can I enrol for 2017?

Enrolment for 2017 is now open. Following the release of MyCentre, we've seen hundreds of students enrolling online for 2017. As a result, a small number of issues have been identified and we're working to resolve these as quickly as possible.

If you encounter any technical difficulties while trying to enrol in 2017 units, please don't stress. Enrolment for Term 1 will be open until 17 March 2017 and we'll keep you updated with how things are progressing via email.

In the meantime, please check your 2016 enrolment and Study Plan is correct in MyCentre and let us know if you need assistance. Help requests for Term 3 2016 will be prioritised.

Can I still enrol in Term 3 2016?

Please continue with your enrolment as normal. If you plan to study in Term 3, please enrol with with MyCentre. The instruction sheets and videos on this page will assist you.

Undecided when it comes to studying in Term 3?

Check out the wide range of units available viaCampaign distance, plus a selected range of options available on campus in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Cairns, Gladstone, Melbourne, Noosa, Rockhampton, Sydney or Townsville. The full list of units is available here.

Has terminology changed?

Yes, there have been changes to terminology. You will start to see programs referred to as courses, and courses referred to as units. Please see the terminology section of this webpage for more information.

Do I have a different Student ID?

No. You now have an additional ID and you might have discovered this in MyCentre. The original Student ID listed on your Offer Letter is still your primary ID and should be used when contacting the University or using University systems. The additional ID will also work. However, it's not necessary to remember or use this new ID.

Introducing mixed-mode

What is mixed-mode?

Mixed-mode refers to a unit delivered online, with the inclusion of a compulsory, on-site residential school or work placement component. These compulsory, site-specific learning activities are what differentiate a mixed-mode unit from a distance unit.

What were the old terms?

You may have previously encountered terms such as internal, external, and FLEX. With the release of MyCentre on 17 October, you will notice the use of new terminology to describe these delivery or attendance modes. Mixed-mode delivery will also be introduced from this date, leaving us with three terms - on-campus, distance and mixed-mode.

When will the change happen?

With the release of MyCentre on 17 October, you will notice the use of new terminology – ‘Mixed-mode’ is one of these terms.

There are no changes to the delivery of mixed-mode units. The on-site components included in these units were already compulsory. We’re just labelling them differently.

Why are we changing things?

The shape of university education in Australia is changing. Many distance education units are now including a compulsory, on-site component to meet accreditation and learning requirements. It’s important that we label and communicate these requirements effectively.

What next?

From 17 October, you will start to encounter mixed-mode units when enrolling online and visiting the CQUni Handbook. Remember, the delivery of these units is not changing, just the terminology.

If you are confused about the inclusion of a compulsory, on-site component within a unit, contact the Unit Coordinator or the Student Advice Team at





ProgramCourseA degree, diploma or certificate, e.g. Bachelor of Business.
CourseUnitA single subject within the degree, e.g. Using Accounting for Decision Making.
Core CourseCore unitA compulsory unit within a course that a student must study.
ElectiveElective unitA unit within a course that a student can elect to study within the course structure rules.
Pre-requisitePre-requisite unitA unit in which a student must be deemed competent or have achieved a passing grade that satisfies the requirements for a specified subsequent unit.
Co-requisiteCo-requisite unitA unit that must be studied concurrently with another specified unit unless a passing grade for either unit has been obtained.
ClassClassAn on-campus lecture, tutorial, workshop or session.
Add CourseEnrolDefines the action of enrolling into a unit in MyCentre.
Drop CourseWithdraw from unitDefines the action of withdrawing from a unit in MyCentre.
Course CoordinatorUnit CoordinatorThe primary teaching contact in your unit.
Course ProfileUnit ProfileThe primary source of unit information, e.g. assessment, learning outcomes, etc.
TermTermA teaching period, e.g. Term 1.



Introducing MyCentre

The MyCentre interface is still undergoing development and is subject to change.

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