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MyCQU - Monitoring Academic Progress (MAP)

Monitoring Academic Progress (MAP)

Monitoring Academic Progress

CQUniversity is committed to ensuring student success and upholding the credibility of its offerings by monitoring the academic progress of its students. The Monitoring Academic Progress (MAP) policy and procedures provide a framework describing how the University identifies and engages with students  who are not achieving satisfactory academic progress. MAP students will be provided with structured opportunities to access support and develop strategies that will assist them to succeed in their study and ultimately make informed decisions. 

As per the policy and procedures, students who continue to demonstrate unsatisfactory academic progress will escalate to further MAP Stages. For this reason, students are encouraged to take advantage of the support offered to them so that they do not progress to this stage. For more information and  frequently asked questions, please click on the relevant link below. 

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Please also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information