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MyCQU - Prepare to Graduate

Prepare to Graduate

Please read the below information to find out if you're eligible to graduate, and how to register.

Certification of Grades

Final grades will be available on the Certification of Grades date for that term. This is the official date when grades are released to all students. Students are unable to obtain grades any earlier than this date.

Find out more about Certification of Grades.

Am I eligible to graduate and how do I know?

During the Graduation Evaluation Period (GEP), all students who are deemed as having completed the requirements of their course will be assessed for graduation. Students who meet all course requirements will then be graduated in MyCentre and notified by email.

GEP is undertaken during weeks 1 and 2 of the following term. To find out when GEP is for you, please view the Key Dates found at

Your record will reflect if you have been graduated on the Conferral Date, usually the first day of week 3 of the following term. For example if you are ready to graduate at the end of Term 1, your record won’t reflect this until week 3 of Term 2.

To see if you have been graduated, visit your unofficial academic transcript in MyCentre at Your unofficial academic transcript must state ‘Completed Course’ at the top of your transcript and ‘Admitted to Award’ at the bottom of your transcript.

Do I need to tell CQUniversity that I’ve completed my course?

Students don’t need to do anything to be assessed for graduation and you don’t need to advise us that you have completed your course. This is an automatic process that is undertaken each term as part of the GEP process.

You do need to contact CQUniversity if you have changed your course at any time during your studies and have not had all units transferred to your current course by a credit transfer application. Visit to submit an application today.

To ensure that you are picked up in the graduation process, you must have all units that count toward your graduating course credited to that course. The graduation process only looks at your current course of enrolment.

For example, if you commenced your studies in CQ01 Bachelor of Accounting and completed 4 units and then decided to change your course to CA01 Bachelor of Business, you would need to submit a credit transfer application to move the 4 units under the CA01.

How do I register for Graduation?

Students need to register for graduation to attend a ceremony or receive your testamur. You cannot do this until after the GEP process has occurred.

For help registering for graduation, download the Register for Graduation instruction sheet.

Who do I contact?

After the first day of week 3 of the following term, if you think you are eligible to graduate from your course and this is not reflected on your unofficial academic transcript through MyCentre, you can contact your Student Advisor at

If you require information on receiving your testamur, please contact

If you have questions about Graduation Ceremonies, Academic Regalia or Post Nominals, please contact