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MyCQU - Select a major

Select a major

Before enrolling, you may be required to select a major.

First, you will need to login to MyCentre using your student username and password and select the My Study tile.

Next, navigate to the Manage My Course screen and you will see a list of the units that form your study plan, including core units as well as majors and electives that can be selected if applicable to your course. Click the Select button to continue, and a list of possible majors will appear.

When you have chosen a major, click the Add to Plan button to add your preferred major to your study plan. A preview screen will appear, listing the units that will be added to your study plan as part of the selected major.

Note: These units will automatically be added to your study plan after you add the major.

Click the OK button to proceed. The major has now been added to your study plan.

Removing a major

To remove a major, select the Remove button beside the major on the Manage My Course screen, and confirm that you would like this major removed by selecting OK.