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MyCQU - Enrolment Rules

Enrolment Rules

Responsibilities of students

Students must be aware of the following enrolment rules, which may affect their ability to commence or continue studies at CQUniversity. If you are a research higher degree student, please contact the Office of Research for more information.

It is the responsibility of students to read and understand the rules and policies relating to students. Refer to Student Charter Policy from the CQUniversity Policy website.

Adding and dropping units

Students are responsible for dropping units in which they are enrolled or adding units by going online at any time before the final dates for such enrolment changes, which are shown in the calendar of Key Dates.

When you add or drop a unit you must check that the requested action has been processed. You must either view your corrected schedule of units or view your enrolment advice to ensure your request has been processed correctly.

It is recommended that a copy of your new Enrolment Advice is printed or saved and kept for future reference.

No units will be permitted to be dropped after the commencement of the official examination period, which is shown in the calendar of Key Dates.

No students shall be permitted to sit for, nor be entitled to receive a grade for, examinations or assessment in units for which they are not enrolled.

Units dropped after the specified final date, Census date, will incur an academic penalty and the result of 'Withdrawn Fail' (WF).

Fees cannot be refunded if a unit is dropped after the Census date as advised in the calendar of Key Dates.

Students dropping units at any time in the year should check with Centrelink to ensure that these changes do not affect entitlements.

Re-enrolment for each year

Every student will be invited to register their enrolment each academic year with the exception of cross-institutional, research or non-award students. A communication will be emailed to student email accounts advising that re-registration for the coming year can commence.

Each student is responsible for ensuring they are correctly enrolled in the units necessary for completion of the appropriate year or term of their course and that the units selected meet their course requirements. Unit enrolments must be finalised by the Last Day to Add Courses for the relevant term. For assistance contact your Course Advisor.

Students who attend classes for units in which they are not enrolled will not be permitted to enrol into such units after the respective Census date.

Cancellation of enrolment

Students wishing to cancel their enrolment in a particular course with the intention of not re-activating their enrolment at a future point must drop all units in which they are currently enrolled, including any future term enrolments, and notify the University in writing to formally advise that they wish to cancel their course. This can be done by submitting a Cancellation of Course form.

All enrolment transactions are subject to the conditions imposed by the University's academic calendar and refund policies.

A student's enrolment may be cancelled by the University when:

  1. a student has failed to submit a completed Request for Commonwealth Support and HECS-HELP form (for specified students), and/or failed to pay their student contribution amount by the due date or has failed to provide the University with their tax file number; or
  2. a fee-paying student fails to make fee payments. Refer to CQUniversity Collections Policy (NOTE: the fees outstanding will remain a debt on the student's account); or
  3. a student has been excluded or suspended; or
  4. a student has not met the conditions of their offer.

Current year of enrolment

A student's year of enrolment is the year which they have successfully completed or in which they are currently studying at least half of the units of credit for that year in addition to units of credit for a previous year. Thus:

  1. a student is in the fourth year of his or her course if the student has successfully completed Years 1, 2 and 3 of the course and is enrolled for half or more of the fourth year course units of credit.
  2. a student is in the third year of his or her course if the student has successfully completed Years 1 and 2 of the course and is enrolled for half or more of the third year course units of credit.
  3. a student is in the second year of his or her course if the student has successfully completed Year 1 of the course and is enrolled for half or more of the second year course units of credit.
  4. a student is in the first year of his or her course if none of the above applies.

For the purpose of this definition 'units of credit' means 'normal annual full-time load' which varies depending on the School through which the course is studied.

Student Learning Entitlement

All Commonwealth supported students are allocated a Student Learning Entitlement (SLE). This is measured in equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL), which is the proportion of a full-time load that a unit a student enrols in represents. CQUniversity sets an EFTSL value for each unit offered and this represents how much of a student's entitlement is used when a student remains enrolled in a unit past the Census date for that term.

For various reasons each term, Commonwealth Supported Students may need to withdraw from a unit/s after the Census date for the term. If students have consumed SLE and have special circumstances for the late withdrawal, they are eligible to apply for recrediting of their SLE and the subsequent remission of their HECS-HELP debt or refund of any upfront payment of Student Contributions.

A definition of special circumstances as established under The Higher Education Support Act 2003 is set out in the policy 'Recrediting of Student Learning Entitlements' available at All applications received will be assessed against this criteria.

Students wishing to apply for a re-credit of their Student Learning Entitlement are required to complete an application form available at

Campus transfers

Applicants who are offered a Commonwealth supported place at any CQUniversity campus, and who wish to transfer to another CQUniversity campus, must apply for a transfer by changing their preferences through QTAC. As the places at another CQUniversity campus may have been filled already such offers may not always be successful.

Enrolled students
Students must apply in writing to change campus; except in cases where course quotas require students to reapply through QTAC Such courses areas include; Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Podiatry Practice, Physiotherapy, Oral Health, Medical Imaging, Medical Sonography and Chiropractic.

An Application for Campus Transfer form is available online at

Campus transfers will only be assessed if submitted and received on or before the due date as outlined in the policy 'Campus Transfer to Another CQUniversity Campus' available at

Campus transfers may be dependent upon academic performance, place and course availability. If the course of study is not available at the new campus the application will not be successful as not all courses are available at all campuses.

International students wishing to apply for a campus transfer must contact their campus Student Administration section for advice, as any variation of enrolment will affect visa status.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

It is important for students to familiarise themselves with what constitutes satisfactory academic progress. Students who fail more than 50% of their units are monitored in accordance with the 'Monitoring Academic Progress' policy, and students who persistently fail can face the possibility of exclusion from a course. The 'Monitoring Academic Progress' policy is located online at

Cross-Institutional, Non-award, Bridging/Access and Research

Students enrolled in cross-institutional, non-award, bridging and access or research courses will not be able to add units online. Enrolments for these students will be handled by the Student Governance Centre, the Course Coordinator or the Office of Research.

Change of name

Students who change their name while undertaking a course or prior to graduation (for example, by marriage) and who wish to have their student record amended, should submit a Change of Official Name form.  This form is located from the Student Forms link at

Students are requested to supply certified documentary evidence, such as a copy of their marriage certificate. Failure to notify the University of such changes could lead to important documents being produced with an incorrect name.

International students

Any international student who has made the following changes to their enrolment:

  1. lapsed their enrolment; or
  2. had their course cancelled (whether at their request or not);or
  3. been exclude; or
  4. deferred their studies

must, prior to recommencing their study at CQUniversity, contact their relevant Australian campus regarding readmission.