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MSDN-AA for Students (Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance)

CQUniversity currently holds a membership to the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDN-AA). This subscription provides students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths courses with access to Microsoft software, servers, platforms and development tools at no cost (subject to license terms and conditions).

For a list of available software, please view the MSDN-AA Software List.

Students wishing to access software through CQUniversity's MSDN-AA membership should send a request through to the ITD Service Desk. Once your enrolment in the appropriate courses is verified, you will be provided access to CQUniversity's MSDN-AA ELMS website (E-academy License Management System), through which the software is distributed.

Click here to access the CQUniversity MSDN Academic Alliance Software Centre.

For more information see:
MSDN Academic Alliance Home Page or contact the Technology and Services Assistance Centre.

Information about purchasing Microsoft Software is available from CQUniversity's Bookshop website.