MyCQU - ICT Services outage

ICT Services outage

CQUniversity IT Services will soon have to cause a little bit of disruption in order to bring you a better, safer and more secure data centre.

This will involve shutting down all IT systems hosted out of Rockhampton, including:

  • Moodle (HE and VET)
  • Phones
  • Email
  • MyCentre
  • Student Portal
  • TaSAC
  • Campus computer labs
  • VPN

TaSAC will not be available during the outage as phones and email will not be working.


The work will occur across two weekends to minimise the disruption to staff and students. Due to all CQUni systems and services being unavailable during this time, the decision has been made to close all CQUni campuses while the work is completed.

Saturday, 16 June – All campuses closed
Multiple intermittent outages throughout Saturday. Starting early morning to late night. Focused on prep work for the following weekend.

Sunday, 17 June - All campuses closed
Systems will be available but campuses will remain closed for security and safety reasons.

Friday, 22 June – All campuses closed from 7pm AEST
Commencing 7pm AEST, multiple intermittent outages.

Saturday, 23 June -  All campuses closed
Full shutdown of the Rockhampton data centre from early morning throughout the night.

Sunday, 24 June – All campuses closed 
Multiple intermittent outages throughout Sunday, starting early morning. Focused on testing and confirming health of systems.

All systems will be back up and running and campuses will re-open for normal operating hours from Monday, 25 June.

What should I do? How do I plan for this?

Don't plan to do any work across these weekends as systems won't be available. Even though some of the outages are listed as "intermittent" outages, there will be lots of them which means you might be able to start work on something, only to have the system, file, etc. not be accessible just when you want to save.

Don't plan to be on campus on the dates and times listed above, as all campuses will be closed. This also means there will be no swipe card access to any study location. On Friday, 22 June, please ensure you have left campus by 7pm AEST.

Please note that students will be unable to enrol in Term 2 units on these dates, so we do recommend doing this prior to or after the outage.

If you are a VET student, and are concerned that this outage may impact your study plans or your ability to complete or submit assessment items, please contact your teacher as soon as possible.

Staff and students are not required to take any further action in relation to this outage but please keep the good people of IT Services in your thoughts as they forego their weekend plans to improve our tech services.

How do I get more information on the outage?

For further information, please contact TaSAC who will be able to answer any questions you have, or will be able to redirect your query.