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We are currently experiencing an issue with phones on the Gladstone City campus and Rockhampton North campus. If you are trying to reach a staff member on this campus we recommend you email them or if it is urgent you can call the Student Advice Team on 132786 who will assist you.


MyCQU - Access your student U: drive online

Access your student U: drive online

You can access your U: drive from home by typing the following in your web browser Address bar -

1. Type in 
2. Enter username and password

Please note that to upload files to your drive you will need to drag and drop them into the FTP browser window. You cannot use 'File > Save As' in programs like Word etc.

Alternatively, you can use an FTP program (i.e. FileZilla ) to access your personal drive. Most of these can be freely downloaded from the internet.

To use an FTP program you will just need to enter the server name as above (minus the ftp://) and your staff/student username and password.