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MyCQU - About ITD and Policies

About ITD and Policies

The Information Technology Directorate (ITD) delivers real business and technical solutions for the whole of the University's activities in learning, teaching, research and corporate functions.

We combine our professional expertise and knowledge of technology applications with a growing knowledge of the University's business to provide expert consultancy services to our stakeholders.

We communicate widely, effectively and regularly. We are focused on two-way, open communication by establishing effective partnerships with key stakeholders.

We continually review and benchmark our performance in order to improve our planning, customer engagement, service delivery, governance and management.

The ITD Service Centre provides technical assistance to CQUniversity staff and students. The ITD Service Centre is the first point of contact for students and staff requiring IT support.

IT Policies

The following is a list of some of the major IT related policies in place at CQUniversity.

Your relationship with the University is governed in part by the policies of the University. You should review the policies and ensure you understand their relevance to and effect on your activities and the outcomes of those activities.

These policies can be accessed via the policies web page -

Please note that some of these policies cannot be viewed unless you are logged in as a staff member.

  • Use of Internet, E-mail and Computing Facilities Policy
  • Student E-mail Policy
  • Information and Communications Technology Standard - Security: Passwords
  • Mobile Telephone Policy