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MyCQU - Meet Your Leaders

Meet Your Leaders



Peer Assisted Study Sessions are facilitated by PASS Leaders, students who have recently received excellent grades in the unit and have undergone nationally accredited training.

Studies have shown that students who participate in 4+ PASS sessions a term receive an increase in marks with students participating in 10+ sessions a term receiving a higher overall grade.

Keep reading to learn about your PASS leaders.



BMSC11002 Human Body Systems 2 & BMSC11005 Foundations of Biochemistry


My name is Andreas and I am PASS leader for Human Body Systems 2 (BMSC11002) and Foundations of Biochemistry (BMSC11005) and I am excited about the incredible opportunity to guide you through the semester.

After spending 5+ years studying, I know what challenges students experience especially the time consuming and complex nature of anatomy and physiology.

I have successfully completed this unit in Term 1, 2019, and during this time I developed strong study strategies which can help you save time studying and maximise your learning experience.

I am studying a Bachelor of Science and hoped to continue my studies and find a career in allied health in the future.



BMSC11001 Human Body Systems 1 & BMSC11005 Foundations of Biochemistry


I’m in my second year studying a Bachelor of Medical Science, majoring in Nutrition and I will be facilitating PASS for BMSC11001, Human Body Systems 1 and BMSC11005 Foundations of Biochemistry.

I’m an external student based in Cairns, which is great for my inner adventure seeker. I enjoy being active and doing outdoor activities accompanied by my dog. I am passionate about health, fitness, animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

I have previously completed a Bachelor of Business, Accounting and currently work as an Accountant. After completing uni and landing a job, I decided to focus on my health and fitness for longevity and performance. In search of help to achieve my goals, I consulted Google. The results were confusing and contradicting so I wanted to delve deeper and find the truth about nutrition. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like food?

With no science background and 5 years in the workforce, I made the leap to follow my newly ignited passion. The start of my first term was overwhelming juggling work, study and time with my partner, who owns and operates a growing electrical contracting business. I felt like I was frantically trying to keep up with content and deadlines. Thankfully, I have developed time management and learning skills to help me succeed and actually enjoy the subjects.

Human Body Systems explores foundational concepts relevant to future subjects and in your chosen profession. I find it fascinating to learn about the wonders of our biological systems, and as Gary Vee would say ‘you could have been a tree’. I am excited to be a PASS Leader and share this learning experience with you. I hope that we can learn, have fun and get through this subject together.

I look forward to meeting you!



EDED11457 Responding to Diversity and Inclusion

Hi Everyone,

My name is Beth, and I am currently in my first year studying Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with Maths and Psychology as my teaching areas.

I am located in Cairns and studying part-time by distance as this suits my busy life well. I am a mother of two gorgeously cheeky boys and enjoy traveling and exploring new areas. When stuck at home, I love to garden but must admit I do not have the greenest of thumbs.

I am very excited about the opportunity to be a PASS Leader for EDED11457 – Responding to Diversity and Inclusion as this is an area of education I am very passionate about.

I look forward to meeting you all in one of my sessions this semester.



ACCT11059 Accounting, Learning and Online Communication

Hi Everyone!

I'm in my final year of a Bachelor of Accounting degree, based in Cairns, studying mixed-mode part-time.

I'm also a mother to a stubborn, big hearted and beautiful six year old girl named Summer, partner to my workaholic and fishing lover Ben, and am an avid reader, netflixer, a lover of playtime with Summer and our friends (unless its craft, I am NOT one of those crafty mums, but I’ll happily jump in muddy puddles instead!!!), and enjoy fishing, camping, bush walks, and a nice sweet wine after a long week!

I work in the accounting industry as an associate in corporate restructuring and insolvency. This is a position I actually received after completing a three month business internship back in 2018 (I would definitely recommend other business and accounting students look into the CQU business internship!).

Throughout my studies with CQU I have learnt so much about accounting and business, but also about myself. One of those things is that I have a knack for studying efficiently and helping my study mates achieve some great results by sharing my skills and experiences.

So here I am, ready and excited to help other accounting and business students this term.



BMSC11002 Human Body Systems 2

Hi, my name is Maddie.

I was originally born in England but sadly have no accent to prove it with. I am studying a Bachelor of Medical Imaging and am in my third year at CQUni.

I moved to Mackay two years ago from Brisbane to study this degree. Prior to this I studied at UQ in the Bachelor of Oral Health and the Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, although I did not complete either of these degrees. However, I plan to complete the Bachelor of Arts after completing my CQUni degree.

I am more logical/analytic but do enjoy some crafty activities. I enjoy watching movies and catching up on tv shows. I also enjoy cooking and baking, but usually don’t do it much during exam time. I love travel and hope to visit many new places soon.



CHEM11042 Fundamentals of Chemistry & MBIO12013 Microbiology for Health Care

Hi! My name is Darcy, I'm from Perth WA and am currently studying Paramedic Science.

I left school when I was 15 to start a mechanic apprenticeship and soon made the huge leap over to veterinary nursing where I worked in large and small animal practices for 10 years. I enjoy driving and have travelled around most of Australia with my dog, living and working in 4 states over the past 5 years. I have been bitten by most native Australian animals, had my entire arm inside a cow (and one bull, but that’s another story), and can sheer a sheep in 7 minutes.

At age 30 I decided to change careers and began my journey to becoming a paramedic by completing the CQUni STEPS program. I was terrified, and had many doubts regarding my abilities to study at a university level, my biggest fears were essay writing and maths, but I was dedicated, perhaps a little stubborn although I prefer “tenacious”, and as I discovered my own unique learning style and developed study methods to enhance it, my confidence grew, and by the end of the year I had enrolled in Essay writing and intro physics for fun. I think our biggest hurdle as students is our minds and the limitations we set for ourselves, we need to remember that nobody is born with knowledge, we learn it, one little fact-nugget at a time.

Being part of the PASS program means so much to me, especially having been a distance student, because I know firsthand just how valuable it is being able to talk through concepts, listen to other people’s interpretations and simply connect with other students in order to gain new perspectives and develop a deep and authentic understanding.

I don’t want to waffle on too much, so if you are studying online and haven’t met another student yet, if you are feeling confident about Biochemistry and would like to share your knowledge and experiences, if this is all new to you and you want a space with some support while you find your feet, or if you want to take every opportunity to get as much out of your university experience as possible, then I would love to see you at my PASS sessions.



EDED11457 Responding to Diversity and Inclusion


My name is Kaitlyn and I am a second year Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) student studying full-time.

I am a part-time Educator at a local OSHC centre, a casual babysitter for Defence kids, and a full-time Army Spouse - which means I frequently relocate (currently in Canberra) and am solely a distance student.

I'm originally from Townsville and have studied a semester at JCU (Bachelor of New Media Arts) before leaving and pursuing my dream career - Teaching! I enjoy a range of extracurriculars and am willing to give anything a go - I'm currently into baking, crafts, photography, gaming, reading and gardening. I absolutely love helping people and hope to make a difference during my PASS Sessions.



BMSC11002 Human Body Systems 2


My name is Louise and I am studying a Bachelor of Medical Sonography in Brisbane.

My hobbies include running, mountain biking, and eating cheese. I am 28 years old and in the third year of my degree. I chose to study sonography because I love helping others and I want a career that challenges me and interests me.

I am one of the PASS Leaders for Human Body Systems 2, which I studied second term in 2018. I know how challenging and overwhelming the first year of your university degree can be, and hopefully I can share with you some strategies I used, to help cope with the workload and help you to enjoy learning about anatomy and physiology.

One of the most effective ways I learn, is to talk about the content with others, so I think PASS is an excellent program which will help students gain a deeper understanding of the course content, in a fun and interactive environment. PASS sessions are a great opportunity for you to share and learn tips and tricks for understanding and remembering content.

I have been a PASS leader for over a year now, and I love seeing the friendships that have been formed during these sessions and seeing everyone’s confidence grow throughout the term. Anatomy and physiology is hard – but you can get through it, and even enjoy yourself at the same time!

I am so excited to meet you all and share my passion with anatomy and learning!



BIOH11005 Introductory Anatomy & Physiology

Hi my name is Megan!

I am one of the PASS leaders for BIOH11005. I am also a wife, mum, daughter, sister, friend, employee and student. Life certainly is full and a bit of an adventure!

I am studying Nursing by distance and have gone part time after studying full time for the first year. I decided to take on the challenge of studying after 20 years and it has had some tough moments like the assignments, exams, timetabling, life/study balance .......... I could go on and on. However it has also been hugely rewarding.

I have worked for many years in the dental industry, working in school dental vans, private practice and also regularly working in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. This has been a great career but as I look ahead I decided I liked the idea of a change of profession and nursing is a good fit. So that is why I am here.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the science subjects and although overwhelming at times a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology is essential for nursing.

I look forward to working with you through PASS to develop an understanding in Intro A&P and forming a great group that can support and encourage each other.



BIOH11006 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm a PASS Leader for BIOH11006 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology. I've got 2 kids. My oldest has Type 1 Diabetes and my youngest has the energy of twenty children and does not seem to need to stop talking to take a breath as much as I thought a child would.

I'm your typical "mum" whose last baby went off to school, so I decided to finally do that degree I've always wanted to do. I started with STEPS, and I'm now studying nursing part time. I'm second year, even though I've studied over all 3 terms since 2017!

Uni in general was incredibly intimidating, but I was SO anxious about Anatomy and Physiology. I've been really lucky to have some instrumental mentors in my life who finally showed me there's nothing I can't learn. If I'm still struggling with content, it doesn't mean it's beyond me, it just means I haven't read/heard/watched the info in a way that connected with me yet. Just keep trying!

I ended up enjoying these units the most (not to mention the awesome feeling when I finally "got" it), and I'm super keen to be a part of the PASS program, where I hope to get the chance to share the study wisdom's that others shared with me.

For me, I'm more successful when study has a strong social element. I always learn better by talking with people (literally anyone who walks past my desk and doesn't avoid eye contact (hmmm I guess maybe that's where my daughter gets it from), and that's what I miss most studying by distance, but with PASS, we don't have to miss out on the study group experience!

Hope to see you soon.



EDED11458 Indigenous Studies and Learning

Hi, my name is Millie and I've undertaken the role as your PASS Leader this term.

I am a second year Bachelor of Education (Primary) student and prior to commencing my degree at age 29, I also undertook six STEPS units. They equipped me with a lifesaving toolbox of strategies, do's and don'ts, referencing and integrity guidelines.

I was born and raised in Denmark, where I have learned valuable skills for building resilience and self-efficacy.

My danish heritage has provided plenty of opportunities for taking a social, creative and collaborative approach to life, and endless traveling has opened my eyes to fascinating cultures and people around the globe. Today, however, I'm settled on the Sunshine Coast, and keep very busy with multiple jobs, a partner and border collie, numerous hobbies and an intense study load…

On that note, I do realise that it can be incredibly challenging keeping motivated and focused while studying online, so I hope to be able to assist you with easing any frustration that might occur and reduce stress levels during Term 2.  My aim is to plan activities that increase group interactions and promote engagement for deeper understanding, and opportunities for acquiring strategies to succeed and thrive.

Please, be yourselves, share your thoughts, ask the questions you didn't ask in lecture and feel free to enjoy a glass a wine, a cup of tea, or eat your dinner during my PASS sessions.

As I realise I didn't grow up with Australian Indigenous cultures in my backyard, I do believe that as 'an outsider' I may be able to bring to these sessions, fresh lenses. As a past EDED11458 student, I am genuinely committed to help guide you through this subject, which may at times seem content dense and heavy. It is my goal then to create a positive learning experience together, where your contributions, ideas and values are acknowledged at all times, and hopefully we can make this journey fun, study effective and beneficial for all, as well as contribute to your own and peers personal growth.

I look forward to seeing you!



MGMT11109 Introduction to Business

Hi Everyone!

My name is Nicola and I am a full-time student with CQUni, currently in my fourth year of Psychological Science. I chose Business Management as an elective to enhance my professional business skills and knowledge for the workplace. It was a really enjoyable subject particularly, learning about the global business environment, sustainability practices and corporate social responsibility.  I am really passionate about learning and education and enjoy sharing the learning experience with others.

Studying has not always been easy for me and it is a skill and passion I have developed over time. During my first orientation at University I was very nervous at the thought of studying as a mature age student with 3 children under the age of 10. I will never forget these words that I heard that day: “University is not about intelligence, it is about persistence…..all you have to do to succeed is, show up and participate each week and ask for help when you need it”.  I did exactly what was said that day and constantly surprise myself as I know you will too. Building good study habits and a network of students as professional peers will support you as you develop your academic skill set and professional network of colleagues.

My own study has been via distance and I am familiar with the challenges that can present. CQUni in my opinion, is the absolute leader in online education with an amazing support system in place. With this year creating big shifts in the way people study, we are in the best place for it. PASS is an amazing service for students to be supported by other students who have already been through the course and know the content. As PASS leaders we are passionate about helping you to enhance your overall learning experience by offering a neutral space for questions as you gain deeper insight to the subject content.

PASS sessions are not just another class, they are designed to be fun and to offer you an extra study space where you can practice the content for essays and quizzes. Figures show that the more sessions you attend, the higher your course marks will be. I am really excited to be a part of this wonderful initiative and I hope to see you on Zoom!

See you all soon,




BIOH11005 Introductory Anatomy & Physiology & BIOH11006 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology

Welcome to PASS!

I am excited to join you this term and assist in your journey in Advanced Anatomy & Physiology.

My Name is Taryn and I am studying Bachelor of Nursing via distance education, part-time and in my second year (technically third).

I keep busy being a mum of two very confident, outgoing /outspoken girls, my eldest is 6 and youngest is 2.  I am also a mature aged student (although I feel young), and when I first started my journey it had been a while since I had written assignments and attended classes.  To say I was worried, nervous, questioning myself was an understatement.  However, here I am three years on and kicking goals with study while jumping at every opportunity in my path.

I found Advanced A & P to be very overwhelming, especially in the beginning. I established a friendship with a fellow student and we would get together and study course content which enabled us to gain new study techniques and develop a further understanding of key areas.  For this reason, I chose to be a PASS facilitator.

Learning the content in Advanced A & P is not just to pass an exam but a lifelong skill, so that we can be the best version of ourselves for our future careers.



EDED11458 Indigenous Studies and Learning

Welcome to PASS!

My name is Sean and I’m a first year Bachelor of Education (Secondary) student living south of Brisbane City with my beautiful wife and two children, Emerson and Adeline. I returned to study as a mature aged student at the end of 2018 after spending a decade away from formal education so I do empathize with any feelings of nervous trepidation you might be feeling. While I’m only at the beginning of my academic journey I’m excited to one day soon be teaching high school students everything there is to know about Mathematics and Chemistry.

Throughout Term 2, 2020 I will be one of the PASS Leaders for EDED11458 Indigenous Studies and Learning. I’m looking forward to being of assistance during our one-hour study sessions where we will use group activities to foster effective learning strategies, review weekly readings and the key unit concepts to help form a deeper connection with the content.

Remember, everyone is welcome to participate!