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MyCQU - Green IT

Green IT

Below are some tips and other information for making the most of IT equipment, in an energy efficient way, which benefits both CQUniversity and the environment.

Consider how to be energy efficient every day 

Printing & Photocopying

  • Turn off printers overnight and on weekends.
  • Think twice before you print. Only print the pages you need from a document.
  • Print double-sided and/ or multiples pages per sheet.
  • Use recycled printer paper.
  • Discourage the use of individual desktop printers.
  • A shared printer is  more efficient.
  • If a desktop printer is required, purchase a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer.
  • Recycle used printer cartridges.


  • Very few businesses do not have access to an email account. It is recommended that where possible, staff and students should email documents as attachments instead of faxing. The quality is better and printing is optional.
  • Recycle used toner cartridges.

Individual Computers 

  • Shutdown/ turn off computers overnight and on weekends.
  • Don't use complex screen savers or set photos as a screen background.
  • Be aware that extra hardware (i.e. speakers) also add to energy consumption.


  • Note that leaving your mobile phone charger plugged into a power-point while not charging a phone still consumes electricity.
  • The same is true for laptop chargers and power packs.
  • Turn off lights and other equipment wherever possible and/ or when you leave work at the end of the day.
  • Turn off small air-conditioners when not required.
  • Keep doors and windows closed in air conditioned spaces.
  • If you are purchasing appliances or equipment, look for the most energy efficient models. All IT equipment purchased should meet Energy Star guidelines.

Recycling options at CQUniversity

Mobile Phones 

The CQUniversity Library has mobile phone collection boxes available at Bundaberg, Mackay and Gladstone campuses. You can also send mobile phones to Planet Ark with the free post packs available from the Post Office at Rockhampton campus.

Printer Cartridges

The Post Office and Bookshop located on Rockhampton campus have a collection box.


To dispose of any dry cell batteries, a purple bin is available from the CQUniversity NTEU Office at the Commercial Centre (building 65) on Rockhampton Campus.

Answers to Common Myths

Turning a computer off uses more energy than leaving it on - False

The small surge of power used when starting a computer is still much smaller than the amount required to keep the computer running for lengthy periods.

Turning a computer on and off wears it out - False

Current computers are now designed to handle 40,000 shutdown and restart cycles before a failure. That is equivalent to 30 shutdown/ restart cycles for each working day over five years.

Screen Savers conserve energy - False 

At a minimum, screen savers will use 42 watts; and those with 3D graphics can use as much as 114.5 watts. Only sleep mode saves energy on monitors.

Alternatively users can also turn their computer off.

Turning off or power managing computers & printers causes network issues - False

There is no issue with turning off or power managing computers and printers connected to a network. For technical assistance please contact the Technology and Services Assistance Centre.

Using the search engine Blackle as an alternative to Google saves energy - True and False

Using a black background (i.e. Blacked may save energy on an old CRT monitor; but the majority of new LCD monitors actually use less power when displaying a white screen due to the different technology.

Overall the amount of energy saved when using Blackle is limited when compared with turning off a computer overnight.