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MyCQU - CQU Mail

CQU Mail

About CQUni Mail

CQUniversity Mail is the name of the University's student email system that is provided by Google.

It includes a range of lifelong email services and online collaboration tools that students can continue using after they graduate.

Students can access their CQUniversity Mail account via the home page of the Student Portal.

What's available for students in CQUniversity Mail?

  • 7GB of increased email storage
  • Email Services
  • Contacts, Online Chat & Video Talk
  • Personal Online Calendar - schedule group study sessions or assignment work
  • Online Docs - share, edit and collaborate on a document online, with other students, in real-time.

Personalised, lifelong email address

  • Students are provided with a personalised email address that they can keep using after they graduate

    The domain name this personalised email addresses is "".

    For example: [first name . last name]

    Students can view their personalised email address in the top-right corner of their new CQUniversity Mail account. Students can access their CQUniversity Mail account via the home page of the Student Portal.

  • What if information is sent to a student's official "[student number]" email address?

    Each student is issued with an official CQUniversity email address when they enrol. It will look similar to [student number]

    All emails sent to this official CQUniversity email address will appear within your CQUniversity Mail Inbox.

  • For students that previously accessed their emails via Webmail (prior to Term 1, 2011)

    At the start of Term 1, 2011 all students existing emails were moved across to their new CQUniversity Mail account.

    Students can view these emails by clicking on a "Migrated" label within their CQUniversity Mail account. Click here to view an example.

  • If a student's personalised email address is "[student number]"

    There are instances when two students enrol with the same name and the system generates an alternate email address in the form of "[student number]".
    As students can continue using their CQUniversity Mail account after they graduate, they can contact the Technology and Services Assistance Centre and request their email address be changed to include a personalised prefix.

  • How to tell the difference between a student and staff email address?

    Students will be able to search for both student and staff email addresses in the new CQUniversity Mail system. There may be situations when students and staff have the same name and are using a similar email address.

    To tell the difference between a student email address and a staff email address, look at the domain name. Thedomain name is the extension of letters located to the right of the @ symbol within an email address.

    • All student email addresses will end with"" or"".
    • All staff email addresses will end with the domain "" or "@[campus]".

Personal Online Calendar for Students

With Calendar, students can schedule study sessions and events with other students and their friends. Below is some information about using your personal online calendar.


Getting Started with Calendar - View, New Events, Recurring Meetings, Reminders and Print a Message

Invitation and Group Events

Share and Create Calendars

Contacts, Chat & Video Talk

Add Contacts within CQUniversity Mail

Managing and getting in touch with friend and other students is easy using the Contacts feature in CQUniversity Mail.


Getting Started with Contacts - Create New, Search and Delete

Start emailing your Contacts

Set up Contact Groups and create Mailing Lists

Work together Online using Chat and Video Talk

CQUniversity Mail has a built-in Chat feature that lets students send instant messages to friends with an "" email address. Students can also chat with people outside the Univeristy using the standaloneGoogle Talk client.


Using Chat and Video Talk

Download the Google Talk Client

Online Docs

The Online Docs feature in CQUni Mail enables students to easily collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and slideshow presentations. Your personal docs are stored securely in the cloud where anyone you share them with (but only those people) can work on them - either individually or all at the same time.

Getting Started with Online Docs - Create, Upload, Download and Share a Document