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MyCQU - Social media

Social media

With so many students using networks like Facebook and Instagram, social media is a great way to connect with our communities. If you're a social media user, read on to find out the groups and pages available to like and follow. Remember, you still need to check your student email each week for any important notices or reminders, and for our weekly Student Broadcast newsletter.


Our CQUniStudents page has almost 9,000 followers who connect with us for motivation, study hacks, support contacts, opportunities like overseas trips and professional development, student stories and campaigns. Like and follow us today to keep up with Student News at CQUniversity.


A fantastic way to connect with students and staff in your local area, official groups are online hubs for on-campus and distance students. Connect with your local group for events, campus life initiatives, and campus information like new facilities or outages.


You may also like to follow the CQUniversity Instagram account at Don't forget to use #CQUni for your favourite @cquniversity pics.


There are many other pages and groups you may like to connect with. Searching 'CQU' on Facebook or Instagram will connect you with School and course options, as well as second-hand textbook options and more. Always check that the group or page is an official network of CQUniversity. We cannot intervene on your behalf, if you have joined a group or page that is not moderated by our staff.


UCROO was CQUniversity's digital campus from 2014 - 2018. A decision was made by the Student Representative Council to close the network from 5 November 2018. Students and staff can no longer access UCROO. If you created a UCROO profile and you would like to request your data or have specific data deleted, please contact UCROO support.