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MyCQU - Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

CQUniversity values academic honesty and integrity. We know that honesty and integrity are authentic, leadership qualities that help our students stand out from the crowd and launch their careers.

Academic integrity is behavior underpinned by the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage. These values are fundamental to protecting the quality of student learning, the credibility and trustworthiness of student assessment and their qualifications, and ultimately the reputation of CQUniversity, its courses and graduates.

CQUniversity implements measures to inform students about their responsibilities, provide advice to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain academic integrity, and detect, investigate and address academic integrity breaches.

To ensure our students uphold Academic Integrity we have created a Self-Check. Download this flow-chart and follow it to ensure you are fulfilling your responsibility as a CQUni student. View Self-Check.

Foundations of Academic Integrity (FAI)

The first step to ensuring academic integrity is completing the FAI training module. All students are required to complete this each year. In this module, you will learn concrete ways to demonstrate that your academic work is your own, as well as the CQUniversity policies and procedures that spell out how breaches of academic integrity are addressed.

Assessment Submission Declaration

All students have a responsibility to uphold academic integrity when undertaking education, training, and research as part of their course or unit.

Prior to submitting an assessment in Moodle, students are required to complete the assessment submission declaration statement to acknowledge work is their own, and that they have read and understood the Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure.

Breaches of Academic Integrity

Breaches of academic integrity, particularly academic misconduct, pose a serious threat to CQUniversity’s culture and values. Visit our Glossary of Terms for more about the types of breaches of academic integrity.

One form of academic misconduct that is considered a serious breach of academic integrity is contract cheating. Using a contract cheating service may seem like a victimless act, but these services use sophisticated business models to blackmail students and boost their profits. Unfortunately, issues often arise years after using a service.

To highlight the importance of upholding academic integrity, we have compiled a series of case studies on the CQUniLife blog. Each case looks at a different breach, and the outcome/penalty of that breach.

Don't risk your career or your future by breaching academic integrity. To find out more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Policy and Procedure

The Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure sets out CQUniversity’s expectations for students and sets out the processes for addressing alleged breaches of academic integrity, including academic misconduct.

Student Services

Connect with student services for academic and study help, available to you, free of charge, as a CQUniversity student.

  • The Academic Learning Centre provides support, assistance and resources to students seeking to improve their academic literacy skills.
  • Studiosity provides online study help, anywhere, anytime. Get feedback on your writing or help with a study question.
  • The Academic Integrity Unit provides assistance with issues related to academic integrity and misconduct, contract cheating sites, etc.
  • Student Advocacy Officers provide support and assistance to students seeking guidance on policies, processes, grievances, appeals and disputes.