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Due to strict Stage 4 restrictions, on-site operations at the Melbourne campus are temporarily suspended. No student access at this time. All other campuses remain open. Visit COVID-19 FAQs


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Study Online

Advice for students

For advice about studying online, please see the following questions and answers:

Why has CQUniversity decided to continue with online delivery in Term 2 when it appears the situation in Australia is improving and that some restrictions on social distancing may start to be lifted?

CQUniversity has made this decision due to the uncertainty around exactly what restrictions will be lifted and how. While there have been some projections around certain restrictions being lifted, there is no complete certainty at this stage. Official government and health advice has also stated that if and when restrictions are lifted, that the situation will need to continually be monitored in case of any new outbreaks. If this were to happen restrictions may be reimposed.

We believe it is important to give students as much certainty as possible, so that they can continue with their study plans with minimal disruption, both prior to the commencement and during Term 2. Unless otherwise advised all campuses will continue to open and operate as they have throughout Term 1, so that students can access resources and facilities.

What if social distancing restrictions are lifted?

If some social distancing restrictions are lifted prior to the end of Term 2, teaching teams may consider scheduling the delivery of practical requirements, but if that is the case, you will be provided with advice and sufficient time to make the necessary arrangements. Please continue to monitor your Moodle sites and student email.

Are Term 2 academic dates changing?

No. Term 2 academic dates will remain the same. To view the academic calendar, please visit our website.

Why is CQUniversity transitioning to online learning?

CQUniversity is well placed to provide online services to our students, and we are an industry leader in online education. This decision ensures that we can continue to prioritise student and staff health and safety as the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold. By making this decision now we can also help to minimise possible disruptions to your study.

Following advice from the Australian Government, it is clear that we should all practise social distancing for the foreseeable future. This means limiting your contact with others and staying home whenever possible. Social distancing is needed to slow the spread of COVID-19 and allow our health care system time to respond to increased demand.

When is the transition to online learning happening?

From Monday, 23 March 2020, all on-campus classes and residential schools transitioned to online delivery. This will continue for the duration of Term 1 and Term 2 2020.

This means that instead of coming to campus for classes you can now do them online via Moodle. Unless otherwise advised, campuses will remain open as normal so that you may continue to access student services, academic support, and facilities such as libraries and computer labs.

Teaching staff will continue to provide specific information and instructions to students in their classes. Please continue to monitor your Moodle units and student email closely for advice.

How will the transition to online learning affect me?

It is hoped that online delivery for our previously on-campus units in Term 1 and Term 2 2020 will minimise disruption to student learning.

For our existing online students, there will be no change. For on-campus and mixed-mode students, stay at home and simply access Moodle instead of coming to classes, labs, residential schools, practicums, or exams unless otherwise advised by your teaching teams.

Teaching teams will continue to publish unit-specific advice related to this online delivery on each Moodle unit.

I don’t know how to study online. What should I do?

If online study is new to you, don’t worry! Keep reading for advice to get you started.

Study activities

You will find the experience changes for each unit. The teaching team may schedule online tutorials, upload lecture videos, or expect you to participate in group work. Others may ask you to contribute to forums, submit weekly reflections or answer quizzes.

Moodle is our online learning environment. It’s here that your teaching team will post activities during the term. Follow the instructions under each week and keep up with Moodle announcements and forums.


There are a number of resources needed to study online:

  • Access to a computer
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Access to word processing software.

You may also have a prescribed or recommended textbook, or specific software requirements. These resources are also outlined in the Unit Profile.

Time management

To study online, you will need to manage your time, plan your workload throughout the term, and commit to a schedule. The Unit Profile outlines the schedule for readings and assessment due dates.

The Planning section of the CQUni Handbook includes key academic dates for the year, including enrolment deadlines, and planning resources like term and weekly planners.


Without weekly classes to attend, and classmates to help keep you on track, it’s important to practice self-discipline. Monitor your progress and schedule your time based on due dates as well as how long you think you need to complete an activity or how long past activities have taken. If you need to catch up, re-organise your schedule to allow yourself more time for study that week.

You can still connect with your classmates on the Moodle forums, and through our official social channels for students.


Feedback will be provided for each assessment and this is an opportunity to learn and apply that learning to your next piece of work. Be sure to pay attention to this, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about how to apply feedback in future.


The University has a range of support services that can help you, if you find yourself feeling lost or stressed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I access Moodle?

Moodle is our online learning environment. All CQUniversity units have an online Moodle site - even those that are offered face-to-face - so we are confident that student learning can continue online for most of our students with minimal impact. You can access the Moodle units for your enrolled units from the MyCQU Student Portal or from the Moodle Dashboard.

For help accessing Moodle, watch this short video. And for help using Moodle, visit the detailed instructions on Moodle Help for Students.

Can I use my mobile phone to study online?

Moodle is mobile-friendly, meaning all of your Moodle units can be accessed from a mobile phone or tablet. In fact, most of our sites and systems have been optimised for all devices, so you can access sites like Moodle, the MyCQU Student Portal and the online Library without any issues.

What is Zoom?

Zoom video conferencing is a cloud-based video conferencing and online meeting platform, CQUniversity uses Zoom as the platform to interact with students in real-time. To find out more about Zoom, visit IT Help.

Can I still go to the library and computer labs?

Please check the status of your campus on our website.

If the campus is operating as usual, facilities such as libraries and computer labs will continue to operate and can continue to be accessed.

If you are using these facilities, please continue to practice required social distancing measures and good hand hygiene and cough etiquette. If you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness, please do not attend any campus.

Please also be reminded that all library resources and services can also be access online by visiting the Library website.

Are all on-campus classes transitioning to online?

Yes, all on-campus classes will be replaced with online learning facilitated by Moodle. The exception to this is the delivery of TAFE Apprentice Block Training and STN Training. Apprentice and STN classes will continue to be delivered on-campus as scheduled unless otherwise advised.

The University is committed to helping students continue with their learning. We are working to support our students online and to reduce disruption wherever possible.

Teaching teams will publish unit-specific advice and frequently asked questions on each Moodle unit.

Don’t worry though, on-campus delivery will be re-implemented, once the current COVID-19 crisis has been contained. We are very much looking forward to everything going back to normal and will continue to communicate with students.

I’ve received offers of ‘homework help’ or ‘plagiarism checking’ from outside the University. Can I use these sites to check my work?

No. Even with the best intentions, sharing your work with another party, other than your CQUniversity teaching team or learning support staff, is a breach of academic integrity.

Don’t be misled by companies and sites offering ‘homework help’, ‘plagiarism checks’ or ‘professional writing services’. These are dishonest and disreputable companies and sites using sophisticated marketing methods to steal assessments, blackmail students and boost their profits.

Offers may ask you to upload your assessment to Turnitin. Turnitin is used by CQUniversity but this doesn’t mean it’s safe to use outside of Moodle. Assessments uploaded to other sites risk being stolen and breaching academic integrity. You should only use Turnitin through Moodle.

Unfortunately, we can’t block these sites while you are studying from home. If you’ve been contacted, don’t respond and please let us know at

The Student Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure sets out your responsibilities for upholding academic integrity. Find out more.

I’m a STEPS student. Will my classes be delivered online?

Yes. For Term 1 and Term 2 2020, all on-campus STEPS units will transition to online learning. This means that instead of coming to campus for classes students should study online via Moodle, unless otherwise advised.

Can I access free and discounted software while studying online?

Yes. CQUni students have access to a range of free and discounted software and downloads, including:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Sophos Anti-Virus
  • EndNote
  • VLC Media Player
  • Quicktime
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Adobe Reader

This software can be downloaded from IT Help.

Will zoom lectures be recorded for later viewing?

Zoom has the capability to record, so check with your teaching staff. In most cases, if Zoom has been used to present a lecture, it will have been recorded. The recording will usually be posted to Moodle.

Can I create a social media group for my unit?

Students are free to create any online communities you wish to, however, there are some important considerations before you create any groups:

  • You should refrain from using CQUniversity logos, images or titles in your groups, especially if they are public-facing.
  • Is your group inclusive? Remember, not all students will have social media profiles.
  • Consider your privacy and personal information security, as well as the other group members.
  • Remember, even in closed or private groups, CQUniversity students should demonstrate caution when sharing personal opinions. These can be captured and distributed publicly, so don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in a public forum and consider your digital footprint.
  • Lecturers and staff should not be using social media to communicate changes to courses or units. Always rely on official communication from CQUniversity for accurate updates and information.
  • Head to the CQUniversity website if you would like more information about what is deemed appropriate conduct on social media by CQUniversity.

Remember, you can use the forums within Moodle for each unit if you are looking for a safe space to discuss assessment or coursework with your peers and teaching staff.

Can I postpone my course due to COVID-19?

Advice will depend on your individual circumstances. It’s best to speak with a Course Adviser before making any changes to your course planner. If you are considering postponing your studies, please make an appointment by using this eForm.

Can I request an assignment extension due to COVID-19?

If your studies are affected by COVID-19, you may be unable to meet assessment deadlines. Should you require an extension, this can be requested through your online Moodle unit.

No reasonable request will be refused. If you are unable to provide a medical certificate, you may provide a statutory declaration.

What is MyNotes?

MyNotes is a feature in Moodle where you can provide answers to questions or reflections. These are stored by Moodle and can be reused at a later date. This feature is currently in development and we hope to provide you with access to MyNotes in the near future.

Can I download material to work on when not online?

To access Moodle, you must have access to a reliable internet connection. This doesn’t mean that certain study materials can’t be downloaded, saved or printed, and then referred to offline. The specific materials this applies to will depend on what has been assigned by your teaching team.

How do I access research databases?

You have access to all of the online resources and services of the Library. This includes full access to CQUniversity's research databases.

Is it possible to get a transcript of video content?

Transcripts are available for CQUniversity recorded videos. Transcripts are not usually available for CQUniversity produced animations. YouTube videos vary in the availability of transcripts, but automated transcripts may be enabled on the YouTube platform while you are watching an individual video.

To request a transcript, please speak with your teaching team. If you have a disability, illness, or medical condition and require accommodations such as transcribing services, please contact the Accessibility team.

Does the table of contents count for word count in assessments?

The Table of Contents is not usually included in word count limits but it's always best to check the assessment advice in Moodle or contact your teaching team if you are unsure.

I’m having trouble with an online test.

If you experience technical difficulties while completing an online test or quiz, please check the advice provided by your teaching team in Moodle. This is usually provided with the assessment information for that test or quiz and will most likely ask you to contact TaSAC or your teaching team directly.

You may be unable to reattempt a quiz once you have started and should check Moodle advice before troubleshooting.

How can I request feedback from my teaching team?

Feedback is provided during the assessment marking process. If you have questions about feedback you have received, please check the Moodle forums as other students may have asked this question.

If an answer cannot be found, please reach out to your teaching team either by asking a question through the Moodle forums or by email. Remember, you should never share copies of your assessments via a Moodle forum as sharing your assessments with other students is considered a breach of academic integrity.

Where do I get EndNote?

EndNote is a bibliographic database management software that has been specifically designed for the storage of citation data. CQUni students may install EndNote on home computers for study and research purposes.

Links to download the software, as well as installation guides can be found here.

Guides on using Endnote can be found here.

What is AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is a virtual lab computer, that can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a web browser. It allows students to use any of the software and resources available to a student on campus, without needing to be on campus.

To learn more about AnyDesk, and how to access it, please see here.

How do I reference correctly?

To reference correctly -
Click here for information about referencing

To automate your referencing and use EndNote -
Click here for more information about EndNote

Register for a session with a librarian to help you get started with an assignment, help using Library Search or databases, assistance with using EndNote or general research assistance -
Click here to ask a librarian

Register for a session with the Academic Learning Centre to improve your academic writing and referencing skills -
Click here to find a workshop or drop-in session

How do I check that my assessment has been submitted?

To confirm you have submitted your assessment or check the status, you should visit the information for that assessment in Moodle. If you have submitted a document, the status should show 'Submitted'.

To have your assessment graded, your teaching team often sends it to a marker and then for moderation. The status is then changed to 'Marked'.

The status will change to 'Released' once it has been moderated.