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Due to strict Stage 4 restrictions, on-site operations at the Melbourne campus are temporarily suspended. No student access at this time. All other campuses remain open. Visit COVID-19 FAQs


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Research Students

Advice for Research students

For Research student advice, please see the following questions and answers:

What should I do if I cannot conduct field or lab work, or the quality of my data is affected?

If you experience challenges when collecting data, please consider possibilities for one or more of the following:

  • rescheduling the activity
  • revising the methods/methodology, such as switching to online modes of data collection rather than face-to-face
  • substituting activities with alternative items that will still contribute to the overall thesis objectives (e.g. desktop reviews), or
  • in some cases, delaying candidature through leave of absence, or deferred commencement of studies.

Projects that rely on data collection from high-risk locations or high-risk populations (e.g. the elderly) may attract extra scrutiny regarding project feasibility, until COVID-19 has begun to resolve.

How will covid-19 affect my travel requirements?

Some candidates have already experienced travel and/or event cancellations, and this may increase in frequency in the next few months. Whilst it is disappointing to miss opportunities to present work and network in the field, please note that conferences are deemed as ‘non-essential business’.

Anyone with existing travel bookings will have their candidate conference funding returned for reallocation to a future event within their candidature timeframe.

How do I progress with research dissemination?

Please contact your supervisor to discuss alternative ways to progress with research dissemination activities and/or form collaborations with peers.

What happens if I need to delay my research?

Ensure you consider your study arrangements in light of personal and/or occupational contexts.

If you have a pre-existing health condition, please also keep up to date with information published here and consult with your health care team. Options for sick leave and paid recreational leave are available for many scholarship holders.

What if I am a new RHD candidate or I am in the process of applying?

RHD Admissions will continue to be processed for the immediate future, however, applicants may be advised to choose a deferred commencement date. Newly commencing students will also need to observe self-isolation on arrival in-country.

What are my support options?

You can access assistance during this time by contacting

Can I still utilise the RHD rooms?

If the campus is operating as usual, you may still utilise the RHD rooms. RHD candidates who utilise the open-place study spaces at our various campuses are reminded to please observe all the appropriate COVID-19 behaviours – this might mean sitting at desk that is different to your usual space, if you need to create additional distance between room users.

For general duties, RHD candidates are encouraged to study from their home locations rather than attend campus. However, library facilities, computer rooms and research laboratories currently remain open unless otherwise advised.

Please check the status of your campus on our website.

Can I get IT help from home?

The University’s service for IT queries is the TaSAC Service Desk. TaSAC opening hours are 7:30am – 6:00 pm (AEST), Monday to Friday and the team can be contacted on:

Is financial support available to help me continue my research?

The Staying Connected Scheme offers eligible candidates the ability to register to receive $250 in direct funding to assist with the increased costs of continuing their research candidature due to COVID-19. Please refer to your student email or speak with your supervisor for details.